She had been retired and also living in ~ the Motion picture and television Fund's home in California.

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Katherine "Scottie" MacGregor, ideal known for her role as Harriet Oleson ~ above "Little residence on the Prairie," passed away Tuesday in woodland Hills, California, her representative confirmed to NBC News. She to be 93.

MacGregor played the gossipy, mean-spirited Harriet Oleson because that 153 episodes of the well-known 1970s series. ~ above the show, she and also her daughter Nellie (Alison Arngrim) offered as the sour foils come the wholesome Ingalls, including Pa (Michael Landon) and also Laura (Melissa Gilbert).

Alison Arngrim (Nellie) and also Katherine "Scottie" MacGregor (Harriet) to be a perfect mother-daughter duo ~ above "Little home on the Prairie."Getty Images

Born Dorlee Deane MacGregor in 1925 in Glendale, California, MacGregor prospered up in Colorado and changed her surname to "Scottie" after relocating to brand-new York, whereby she got applause for she theatrical roles. She moved to California and appeared in 1954"s "On the Waterfront" in an uncredited role, then started to work in tv on shows favor "Ironside," "Emergency!" and also "Mannix."

"It to be a crude awakening comes to Hollywood," she told the Santa Cruz Sentinel in 1981, follow to the "Little house on the Prairie" main website. "I was offered to act juicy parts on the phase ... They didn’t know what to perform with me."

The Olesons were among the city of Walnut Grove's much more wealthy residents.Getty Images

Then came the role that would define her career.

"I was getting ready come go back to brand-new York and also my certified dealer called and also said, "Could girlfriend go see somebody this afternoon?"" the official website reports. "And ns said, "Who did you to speak I"m claimed to meet?" She said, "Michael Landon." and I said, "Well, who"s he?""

The function of Mrs. Oleson (who contrasted through her an ext mild-mannered husband Nels, played by Richard Bull) made her famous, though she said the Santa Cruz Sentinel that she tried to find ways to make her much more than just "black-and-white mean."

MacGregor was yin to Richard Bull's (Nels) yang top top "Little House."Getty Images

"Anyone the mean has to be a fool," she said. "So I began mixing farce into it."

Ultimately, she was unable to movie the last episode in the series in 1983; she to be on expedition in India in ~ the time, concentrating on her Hindu faith.

Her co-star Melissa Gilbert posted on Instagram about MacGregor"s passing, noting: "The thing world outside of ours prairie family didn’t know, was exactly how loving and also nurturing she was with the younger cast."

Alison Arngrim also paid tribute to MacGregor ~ above Instagram. "Long live our beautiful Harriet. Long live the immortal Katherine MacGregor!" she wrote.

MacGregor to be married twice for short times; she wed Edward G. Kaye-Martin in 1969, and divorced the the complying with year. She was additionally married to gibbs Bert Remsen in 1949.

She had actually been life at the Motion photo Fund long Term Nursing treatment facility in backwoods Hills, California, as soon as she died. One of her fellow residents had been Bull; when he died in 2014, she had lunch with his widow, Barbara Collentine. "Little House" gibbs Dean Butler said that afterward, MacGregor reported "they both had actually lost a wonderful husband."


Editor"s note: This write-up originally declared that actor Richard Bull died in 1999. He passed away in 2014.

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