Matter is a problem that has actually inertia and occupies physical space. Follow to modern-day physics, matter is composed of various varieties of particles, each v mass and also size.

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The many familiar instances of material particles room the electron, the proton and also the neutron. Combinations of these particles kind atoms. There are more than 100 different kinds the atoms, each kind constituting a unique chemical element. A combination of atoms forms a molecule. Atom and/or molecules deserve to join with each other to form a compound.

Matter have the right to exist in numerous states, additionally called phases. The 3 most common states are recognized as solid, liquid and gas. A single element or compound of matter could exist in much more than among the three states, relying on the temperature and also pressure. Less familiar states the matter incorporate plasma, foam and Bose-Einstein condensate. This states happen under one-of-a-kind conditions.

Different kinds of matter can integrate to type substances that may not resemble any of the original ingredients. Because that example, hydrogen (a gas element) and also oxygen (another gaseous element) combine to type water (a fluid compound in ~ room temperature). The procedure of such combination is called a chemistry reaction. A chemistry reaction requires interactions in between the electron of the atoms, yet does not impact the nuclei that the atoms.

In some situations, issue is convert into energy by atom reactions, additionally known as nuclear reactions. This form of reaction is fundamentally different from the chemical reaction since it involves changes in the nuclei of atoms. The most common example the an atom reaction is the hydrogen combination that occurs inside the sun. The enormous pressure within the sun, and also inside various other stars, forces atoms that hydrogen together to kind atoms the helium. In this process, some of the mass is converted to power according come the formula

E = mc 2

where E is the energy in joules, m is the mass in kilograms, and c is the speed of light, which is around 2.99792 x 10 8 meters per 2nd in a vacuum.

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In recent years, researchers have confirmed the existence of a substance referred to as antimatter. The electron has an antiparticle twin called a positron, with equal mass yet opposite electric charge. Similarly, the proton has an antimatter twin called an antiproton, and the neutron has actually an antimatter twin referred to as an antineutron. If a fragment of issue encounters the antiparticle, both room converted entirely to power according come the over formula, whereby m is the an unified mass of the particle and the antiparticle. Small amounts the antimatter have been diverted in laboratory conditions, however no one has yet flourished in developing a managed a matter/antimatter reaction, or also an untreated reaction of significant size.