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gymnastics, the performance of systematic exercises—often with the use of rings, bars, and also other apparatus—either as a competitive sport or to boost strength, agility, coordination, and physical conditioning.


The hatchet gymnastics, derived from a Greek word meaning “to exercise naked,” used in old Greece to all exercises practiced in the gymnasium, the ar where male athletes did without doubt exercise unclothed. Countless of this exercises happened included in the Olympic Games, till the abandonment of the games in 393 ce. Several of the competitions grouped under this ancient definition of gymnastics later became separate sports such as athletics (track and also field), wrestling, and also boxing.


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Of the contemporary events right now considered to it is in gymnastics, just tumbling and a primitive form of vaulting were recognized in the old world. For instance, Egyptian hieroglyphs present variations that backbends and other stunts being performed through a partner, when a famous fresco indigenous Crete at the royal residence at Knossos reflects a leaper performing what is one of two people a cartwheel or handspring over a charging bull. Tumbling to be an art form in ancient China together well. Stone engravings found in Shandong district that day to the Han duration (206 bce–220 ce) portray acrobatics gift performed.

Tumbling ongoing in the Middle ages in Europe, wherein it was practiced by traveling troupes that thespians, dancers, acrobats, and also jugglers. The task was very first described in the West in a publication published in the 15th century through Archange Tuccaro, Trois dialogues du Sr. Archange Tuccaro (the publication contains three essays top top jumping and also tumbling). Tumbling seems to it is in an task that progressed in various develops in plenty of cultures with small cross-cultural influence. Because that instance, the hoop-diving illustrated in Tuccaro’s book looks very similar to a type of tumbling watched in old China. Tumbling and also acrobatics of every kinds were ultimately incorporated right into the circus, and it was circus acrobats who very first used primitive trampolines.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s novel Émile; ou, de l’éducation (1762; Emile; or, ~ above Education) is attributed by historians as the catalyst the educational reform in Europe that an unified both the physical and also cognitive cultivate of children. Rousseau’s work inspired educational reformers in Germany, who opened schools well-known as Philanthropinum in the late 1700s the featured a wide variety of the end activities, including gymnastics; kids from all economic strata to be accepted. The “grandfather” of modern gymnastics, Johann Christoph Friedrich offal Muths (1759–1839), to be a top teacher in ~ the Philanthropinist institution in Schnepfenthal. In his seminal work, Gymnastik für dice Jugend (1793; Gymnastics because that Youth), offal Muths envisioned 2 main divisions of gymnastics: natural gymnastics and artificial gymnastics. These two divisions may be thought of as utilitarian and nonutilitarian gymnastics. The former disciplines emphasize the health of the body, similar to the exercises developed in Sweden and Denmark under every Henrik Ling (1776–1839) and also Neils Bukh (1880–1950), respectively. Contemporary aerobics also falls right into this category; indeed, sports aerobics has recently been added to the techniques sponsored by the international Gymnastics Federation. In contrast, nonutilitarian gymnastics is defined by modern artistic gymnastics, the maneuvers that which are geared come beauty and not function. Because that example, in feudal Europe young guys were teach to mount and also dismount a horse, helpful knowledge throughout a time when armies rode. Contemporary “horse” work-related in creative gymnastics has advanced to a suggest where there is no practical connection between gymnastic maneuvers ~ above a horse and horsemanship. Just the language that riding remains, v the state “mount” and “dismount” quiet being offered in gymnastics.

The element developer of herbal gymnastics to be Per Henrik Ling. In 1813 Ling established a teacher-training centre, the imperial Gymnastics central Institute, in Stockholm. Ling devised and also taught a system of gymnastic exercises designed to produce medical benefits for the athlete. Calisthenics are attributed come him, including complimentary calisthenics—that is, exercises there is no the usage of hand device such as clubs, wands, and also dumbbells. Return Ling did not promote competition, totally free calisthenics have progressed into the competitive sport now known as floor exercise.

The recognized “father” that gymnastics, Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, founder the the Turnverein movement, is credited with the fast spread that gymnastics transparent the world. Gymnastic competition can be traced to the the end playground (Turnplatz) Jahn opened up in a field known together the “Hasenheide” (rabbit field) ~ above the suburbs of Berlin. Serious Eiselen, Jahn’s assistant and also the coauthor that Die Deutsche Turnkunst (1816; The German Gymnastic Art), carefully provided and defined the miscellaneous exercises arisen on the playground. The pommel steed was provided for leg-swinging exercises and also for vaulting. Jahn invented the parallel bars to rise the upper-body stamin of his students, and also immense towers were erected to test your courage. Balance beams, horizontal bars, rise ropes, and also climbing poles were additionally found at the Turnplatz. Primitive pole vaulting was practiced in addition to other athletic games. The wide range of daunting apparatus found on the playground attracted young males who to be then, in addition, indoctrinated with Jahn’s dream of German unification and his principles on the defense that the fatherland and ridding Prussia that French influence.

The Prussians and leaders from surrounding countries ended up being wary of conference sentiments, and also Jahn and his followers were regarded with uncertainty after the defeat of Napoleon in 1813. By 1815 student establishments such together the Burschenschaft (“Youth Branch”) were in favour that adopting a constitutional type of government, arming the citizenry, and also instituting greater civil freedoms. In 1819, after ~ the murder of the German playwright august von Kotzebue by a Burschenschaft gymnast, the Prussian king Frederick william III closed roughly 100 gymnastics fields and also centres in Prussia. Other Germanic states followed suit. Jahn was arrested, jailed as a democratic demagogue, and placed under home arrest because that the next 5 years. That was ultimately acquitted however was admonished to relocate far from Berlin come a city or town v neither institutions of greater learning or gymnasia. He was awarded a yearly stipend and cleared up in Freiburg. The time was a duration of personal tragedy because that Jahn; 2 of his three kids died if he was under home arrest, and also his wife passed away shortly thereafter. 3 of his close followers, knife Beck, karl Follen, and also Franz Lieber, fearing arrest, fled to phibìc America, happen gymnastics v them. The Turners remaining in Prussia go underground till the ban on gymnastics to be lifted by King Frederick wilhelm IV in 1842.

The very first German gymnastic festival (Turnfest) was hosted in Coburg in 1860. The festival attractive affiliated Turnverein clubs and significant the beginning of global competition, together the farming family the Turners exterior of Germany were invite to participate. Americans had actually been introduced to gymnastics by pendant of Jahn in the late 1820s, however not till 1848, when big numbers the Germans immigrated, go transplanted Turnverein members theorem clubs and also establish a nationwide union the Turner societies. (A similar movement, the Sokol, originated and also spread in Bohemia and also was additionally transported to the united States.) through 1861 American Turners and Turners native Germanic areas bordering Prussia to visit the second Turnfest in Berlin. By the time of the an initial modern Olympics in Athens in 1896, eight Turnfests had actually taken ar in Germany with the authorized of a growing number of countries.

In 1881 the Fédération Internationale Gymnastique (FIG) was founded to supervise global competition. The 1896 Olympic Games promoted interest in gymnastics, and also the FIG civilization Championships in gymnastics were organized for guys in 1903, for ladies in 1934.

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The 1896 Olympic Games significant the development of true international, open up competition in gymnastics. The games featured typical German, or “heavy apparatus,” events and rope climbing. Gymnastics competitions were not standardized nor cost-free of track-and-field events until the 1928 Olympics, when 5 of the six occasions presently held in Olympic gymnastics were contested—pommel horse, rings, vaulting, parallel bars, and horizontal bar, v both compulsory and also optional routines required. Women an initial competed in the Olympics in 1928 in events similar to those that the men other than for the addition of the balance beam. Floor exercise events were added in 1932.