Judo is a modern martial art produced in Japan in 1882 through Jigoro Kano. Judo is based on the principles of Jujutsu and has three an easy categories that techniques; throw techniques, grappling techniques, and also striking techniques. Central to Kano’s vision for judo were the principles of seiryoku zenyo (maximum efficiency, minimum effort) and jita kyoei (mutual welfare and benefit). The was convinced that the practice of judo techniques that conformed to these ideals was a path to self-improvement and the betterment of society in general.

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In Judo, arising one’s method through dispute is a hallmark of every student’s journey. In a judo contest, the object is come either litter or takedown one’s opponent, immobilize or otherwise subdue one’s opponent. When Kano was no opposed to Judo gift taught as a sport, Kano was mostly interested in the physical advance of students together it related to their capability to interpret these physics lessons to all facets of their life. Together such, the vast bulk of Kano’s time invested teaching judo and in his writings were on society at large, the breakthrough of ethical character and also the benefit of judo research to both the them.


Hapkido is a dynamic and additionally eclectic oriental martial art. It is a kind of self-defense that employs throwing, joint-locks, chokes and also immobilization techniques, as well as kicks, punches, and other to mark attacks. Hapkido is most frequently translated together “the means of coordinating energy,” “the way of combination power,” or “the way of harmony.”

Hapkido is a relatively modern-day martial art which emerged in Korea ~ the Japanese occupation, and is the many misunderstood the the martial arts. If Choi Yong-Sul is credited with gift the “Founder” the Hapkido, several martial arts masters lugged together training indigenous Aikijujitsu, Aikido, Judo and also ChungDoKwan TaeKwonDo to type the all inclusive art. These practitioners to be responsible because that both adding diversity and also depth come the approaches of Hapkido, and also introducing the art to Seoul.

Although Hapkido incorporates striking, the emphasis of the art is to manage violent behavior by subduing the aggressor through arm bars and locks. Because of this approach, Hapkido is the desired defense tactics of military and also police professionals and also any task requiring the opportunity of dealing with physical threats and also confrontation. If not an overwhelming to learn, Hapkido includes a complicated set of offensive and defensive movements.


Aikido is a Japanese martial art arisen by Morihei Ueshiba and derives greatly from the martial art of Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu. Thought about the non-violent martial arts of Japan, Aikido is a magnificent arts that is awe motivating for students as well as spectators.

Ueshiba’s goal when developing Aikido was to produce an art that practitioners could use to safeguard themselves while likewise protecting their attacker from injury. Together such, Aikido’s focus is unbalancing an opponent, whereby he deserve to either be thrown or managed with a share lock or pin. Aikido likewise includes the use of weapons such together the sword, staff and knife. When Aikido has very little striking, the is an effective defensive system making use of circular activities flexibility, active footwork, balance and timing.

The emphasis of Aikido cultivate is the student’s awareness that their internal strength, movement, balance and also centering of the breath under stressful situations. Student are also trained to understand the definition of functioning together and also to discover to focus. Students that train seriously in Aikido see advancement in their an individual and professional lives and also in their physical conditioning and also develop an intensified self-confidence.


TaeKwonDo is the many practiced martial art in the world and also the nationwide sport of south Korea. TaeKwonDo is a linear, hard-style korean martial arts which emphasizes punching, kicking and also blocking techniques combined with psychological focus, self-discipline and also integrity. In Korean, tae means “to to win or break with foot”; kwon method to “strike or break with fist”; and do way “way”, “method” or “path.” for this reason TaeKwonDo may be loosely analyzed as “the means of the hand and the foot.”

There are two main branches of TaeKwonDo development. “Traditional TaeKwonDo” typically refers to the martial art as it was established in the 1950’s and 1960’s in the South oriental military, and also in assorted civilian organizations, consisting of schools and universities. “Sport TaeKwonDo” has occurred in the decades because the 1950’s and also has a different focus especially in regards to its emphasis on speed and also competition. TaeKwonDo has officially to be an Olympic Sport because 2000.

At Pacific in salt students train in the Chung execute Kwan format of TaeKwonDo. Chung execute Kwan is a traditional style of TaeKwonDo and the most extremely regarded format in Korea. Chung execute Kwan concentrates more on self-defense applications that with competition oriented techniques.


At Pacific pickled in salt Martial art Academy, we teach Sosuishi-ryu Jujutsu. Sosuishi-ryu is renowned for its near combat techniques and also has been in existence for an ext than 350 years, do it among the earliest remaining hereditary-ryu in Japan. The history of SJJK started in 1532 in a tiny town the Okayama, and also was emerged based top top five ethics of self-defense. The methods are both straightforward and complex and require years the dedication come learn.

Sosuishi-ryu has a rich link with Kodokan Judo. The 15th inheritor, Shitama Shusaku attained an 8th Dan in Kodokan Judo and also insisted the his students attain a black belt in judo before being permitted to research Jujutsu. This was done in order for the students to prove your loyalty and dedication prior to they were permitted to discover the deadly art of Sosuishi-ryu Jujutsu Kai.

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The 48 katas the Sosuishi-ryu Jujutsu Kai room the critical remaining attach to the history of Sosuishiryu. Advance sword training forced the discovering of the Sosuishi-ryu Jujutsu sword katas. Because the examine of kata requires both physical and also mental discipline, the kata is the student’s course to ending up being a complete, true martial artist.