Which of this is an instance of kinetic energy?a. Battery in a flashlight through no bulbb. High-energy phosphate bond in ATPc. Skeletal muscles contracting together a human being lifts weightsd. Glycogen in ~ liver cells

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What is the number of neutrons in one atom with atomic fixed of 35, three power levels, and also 7 valence electrons?
An atom that oxygen has actually an atomic variety of 8 and a mass number of 18. How countless of each form of subatomic particles does that contain?
Carbon atom have four valence electrons. Space they most likely to react with other atoms, and why or why not?
Calcium"s atomic number is 20. It develops ions with 18 electrons. What is the electoral charge of a calcium ion?
Which of the adhering to correctly ranks the varieties of chemical bonds, in order, from the strongest to weakest?
A salt is an ionic link containing cations other than hydrogen and anions various other than the hydroxyl ion. In creating the formula because that salt, the prize of the cation is very first listed and also the price of the anion is provided second. I m sorry of this is a salt?
Which of the nature of water is most closely associated with the body"s ability to preserve a relatively consistent internal temperature?
Nerve impulses involve the circulation of an electric current, a form of energy known as __________ energy.
The subatomic corpuscle that are responsible for the chemical habits of atoms room the ___________.
At the start of glycolysis, ATP transfers a phosphate group of glucose. What kind of chemical reaction is this?

Chemistry: The central Science14th EditionBruce Edward Bursten, Catherine J. Murphy, H. Eugene Lemay, Matthew E. Stoltzfus, Patrick Woodward, Theodore Brown



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