There are plenty of shooting aids ~ above the sector today indigenous monopods come tripods come sandbags and complete total cradles designed to be packed into the blind.

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Some products are gimmicks, and also some room a boon to shooters, yet none replace the fine arts of learning the fundamentals of ar position shoot from the standard four positions.

The four basic "NRA" or "competition" rifle shoot positions space prone, sitting, kneeling, and also standing (also called "offhand"). These space in order of steadiness; usually speaking, the closer you can obtain to the ground, the steadier girlfriend are.

An awful many years have passed because I supplied these positions in either competition or military qualification, and also of course, plenty of of us have actually never offered them in either.

On the other hand, I have used every one of these location in the field.

As we"ll see, missing competitive rule or screaming drill instructors, every one of these positions can be endlessly amendment for ar use, but I genuinely believe all rifle hunters should be familiar with these basic shooting positions€¦and should practice till they become second nature!


Prone is simply lying down behind the rifle. I will certainly invariably use a hasty sling, yet the basics are easy. Both elbows need to be solidly grounded, v the sustaining elbow directly under the rifle. The remainder of it depends on what works for you.

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The classic prone has actually the human body at an edge (left because that righties, right for lefties). The more modern prone has actually the body much more directly behind the rifle v your solid side leg slightly bent.


At the variety (or in your backyard with an absolutely safe weapon) start from a standing position and also pick out your target. Wrap your arm right into the hasty sling and drop down into prone, sighting at the target. Close your eyes.

When you open up them you must still it is in aiming at the target. If friend aren"t, climate your position is off.

A an excellent coach would certainly walk down the line and firmly kick each muzzle. If the shooter"s sight snapshot returns after the kick, then body alignment is good. If not, mediate is needed.

Prone With pack or Bipod

The great old NRA vulnerable is great€¦but if you start with a good, solid human body position and then assistance the fore-end top top a pack, bipod, or every little thing else, climate you deserve to achieve really near come benchrest stability.


Two comments. First, as soon as I"m prone but the fore-end is rested steadily, I in reality revert come benchrest method with my sustaining hand. Rather of keeping my hand top top the fore-end, I use it come snug the butt right into my shoulder. This may not work-related for you, however it"s worth trying.

Second, make specific the rifle is never rested directly on a heavy object. A boulder or log in is great, but unlike a pack, if the remainder is solid, then put a crushed cap or her hand between the rifle and the rest. This uses to all of the adhering to positions, so i won"t repeat it.


Prone is the steadiest by far and easiest to master€¦but that will more than likely be the least-used in the ar because, all also often, vegetation gets in the means and obscures the view. So you have to get higher.

A suitable sitting position is extremely challenging to master, and also to execute it right, you need to be reasonably limber. The steadiest sitting place is through crossed legs, body around 45 levels to the target, ankles flat to the ground. Just like everything else, sling anxiety really helps.


Here"s wherein it gets tricky. Ideally, you bend forward from the waist and rest your elbow over her knees, not on top of them. I openly admit the this is gaining a bit an ext difficult. The alternative, which is faster and easier to assume (especially if you have — horrors — a bit of middle-aged paunch), is with the knees up, feet level on the ground, legs spread about 45 degrees.

This is no as steady€¦but friend don"t need to be quite as lot of a contortionist!

Done properly, the sights are in perfect alignment on the target, and also the shooting hand is really doing nothing other than gently holding the pistol grip and steadily squeezing the trigger. The test because that correct body position is the same as prone.

Ensuring you have a fully empty and safe rifle, get into your ideal sitting position and also aim in at the target.

Have someone push the rifle rearward, as if in recoil. You have to come earlier right on target. If girlfriend don"t, you probably need to scoot your butt a bit one way or the various other and change the angle.

Hasty Sling

All positions space strengthened through the usage of a "hasty sling." The sling is used to create isometric press to rise steadiness. The official "tight sling" is in reality detached native the behind sling swivel and tightened above the bicep that the supporting arm.

Using the now-rare two-claw sling, I have actually actually done this in the field for tricky shots in both prone and also sitting. This is nearly a shed art today, and also most rifle slings (really, delivering straps) don"t permit it. That"s OK. Nearly any moving strap deserve to be offered in the "hasty sling" mode.

The steadiness accomplished is nearly as good as a chop competition sling — and also it"s a totality lot faster.

If I"m adhering to game in hefty cover, ns usually eliminate the sling and also put the in a pocket. It"s simply one an ext thing that might make noise or capture on brush. But in basic I always have a sling on my rifle, and also in numerous positions it"s currently a 40-year habit to use a hasty sling.

Here"s how. With the sling loosened enough because that shoulder carry, hold the rifle v your shoot hand and also thrust your sustaining hand and arm between rifle and also sling. Then wrap your wrist roughly the sling once. Right-handers, v a left supporting arm, plunder clockwise.

Left-handers, with a best supporting arm, plunder counter-clockwise. Bring your supporting hand to the fore-end, usually simply behind the sling swivel, and also assume your position. The sling tightens across your body, and also you"ll be amazed just how much added steadiness this offers you.

There is regularly a compromise between the most comfortable "carry" size for her sling and the appropriate tension for a hasty sling. I save mine changed for the hasty sling!


The kneeling position is not nearly as steady as sitting€¦but it"s a many faster and also beats the hell out of standing. Gaining into position is a basic matter of suspect the hasty sling and also dropping right into position, weak-side knee and also foot pointing at the target, supporting elbow over the knee — not straight on top (because it have the right to slip).

Strong-side leg is the end at about 90 degrees, knee ~ above the ground. Escape again on exactly how limber friend are, you are either sitting on that foot, v the foot flat, or sitting on the heel v the toe grounded.

In kneeling the shoot hand is pulling the stock into the shoulder, yet the major support must come native the sling and the supporting arm.


The best type is probably to have the shooting elbow out horizontally, but, hey, we"re shoot game, no winning Olympic medals. So practice, watch what works, and also then exercise some an ext until you can drop come one knee fast!

The kneeling position gets girlfriend a bit greater than sitting, which can be important, but it"s really at its finest for times as soon as you have to shoot quickly, but it"s a little bit too much (or you"re breathing a bit too hard) to danger a shot from the was standing position.

All of this positions require practice, yet once you get the hang of it you should be able to drop into a kneeling position nearly instantly.

Kneeling through Crossed pole or Tripod

Kneeling is a exorbitant position€¦but it"s even far better if you have the right to kneel behind crossed sticks, a high bipod, a low tripod, or maybe a comfortable boulder.


I love the straightforward positions and also I"m no afraid to use them€¦but I"m always on the lookout for a heavy rest.

The idea below is to be flexible. A solid rest beats the unsupported positions simply as surely as four aces beats a pair the deuces. So the formal shooting positions space the base, yet never hesitate to change them as crucial if a solid rest is available.


Standing or offhand is by far the the very least steady position. In shooting at game it need to be the court of critical resort, to be avoided choose the pester if over there is any kind of other option for greater stability. On the various other hand, there room times once there is just no option yet to stand up and shoot prefer a guy (or woman).

Sometimes there"s just no time to carry out anything else; various other times, vegetation or the animal"s place (like, close) leaves no other sound option. Because standing is the most difficult, while friend shouldn"t use it in the field if any kind of other option exists, girlfriend should probably practice the the many at the range!

A suitable target stand position has actually the sustaining elbow relaxing on an out-thrust hip. Let"s save in mind, too, that shooting at game from stand is yes, really a field-expedient position.

You carry out it only since you need to do it easily or lose the opportunity, and also you more than likely aren"t walk to try it unless the range is close, under a hundred yards and more likely half that.

Here is where the hasty sling actually has the greatest benefit of all. Wrap right into the hasty sling, plant her feet, and also shoot. Ideally, your sustaining (weak-side) foot is pointed towards the target. Her feet are around shoulder-width apart, your shooting (strong-side) foot at 90 degrees.

Stock to the right is vital in was standing — perhaps an ext than in any kind of other position. You require to have your cheek firmly welded come the stock.

Your sustaining elbow must be as directly under the rifle as you can obtain it, and your shoot elbow must be horizontal so that you have actually the finest leverage as your shooting hand pulls the stock right into your shoulder.

Provided her sling strap isn"t as well loose, the sling will certainly tighten throughout your chest and also create at least a little of isometric stability.

The rest is up to you, and also it take away practice.

Standing through Sticks and Stones

Three-legged shooting sticks are nearly universal in Africa. They gain you above low brush and off thorny ground, and standing with sticks is greatly steadier than simply standing. I favor sticks; I practice with lock regularly, and a takedown set of african Sporting developments sticks usually enter my pistol case.

Whatever her comfortable variety is because that offhand shooting, pole should twin it — prefer from 75 yards to 150. There space tricks to double that envelope, prefer using a second pair of sticks. Or have your buddy or a guide grab two legs of the sticks and give friend a shoulder because that your supporting elbow.

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There are additionally times when there"s a good natural remainder available, yet you have to stand right into it. No problem. I"ve bring away a many shots standing right into a convenient tree fork or versus a tallish boulder, preferably through the rifle end my daypack.