carry out in regards to and regarding to imply different meanings or is it it s okay to use them interchangeably?


This mail is in regards to her inquiry. This letter is concerning to her inquiry.

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I would certainly say these are correct:

This mail is in regards to her inquiry.

This mail is about your inquiry.

I honestly have actually never watched this use:

This letter is concerning to your inquiry.



"In regards to" is a common error, however an error nonetheless. "In to the to" is correct. The "s" would certainly be stuck onto "regard" just if you room saying "as regards," which is a correct alternative.

"With to the to" is also correct.

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"Regarding to" is incorrect; "regarding" is all you have to say.


The "auto-correct" is correcting you becuase "in regards to" is grammatically incorrect. The word "regards" must only be made use of in the feeling of sending out one"s regards. For example, "-I"m paris to Florida to watch my family members tomorrow""-Oh, send them my regards"

However in the feeling of "pertaining to," the correct word is "regard" and also the correct phrase is "in to the to" (without an "s")

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