For a radical equation, the unknown or the variable is situated under the radical sign.

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In this case our variable is x.

From the provided options,

is the only radical equation.

The critical equation,

is no a radical equation because the number (13) under the radical sign is constant.

The third choice is correct

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13.A) y= 4/3 x+1

D) all real numbers

Step-by-step explanation:


-74 10/5

Step-by-step explanation:

first you will certainly write the decimal number in fraction type which will certainly be,

-74.5 = -745/10

now, ~ above diving we will certainly get,

74 as quotient and also 5 as remainder, 10 together divisor.

now mixed portion is, quotient divisor/remainder

the will be -74 10/5

•you have the right to solve that to gain the fraction you obtained previously as, =(-74 X10 + 5)/5 you will gain the fraction in question.

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Hope my helps.

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Corbin check out 4/7 of the pages in his book. He has 42 pages left come read. How plenty of pages did that read currently ?
skelet666 <1.2K>
 Corbin check out 56 pages already

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Audrey count 6 motorcycles and also 27 car in the restaurant parking lot discover the ratio of motorcycle to cars
lakkis <162>
The ratio to this would certainly be 6:27
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If 3 • N = 1, climate N is the _____.

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Ur joking best lol the is 1/3 your welcome xD.
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