conduct in Violation the the criminal regulations of a state, country, or neighborhood gov.
individual rightsthe civil liberties guaranteed to every members of American society by the U.S. Constitution
Bill the RightsThe first 10 amendments to the constitution
US Patriot action of 2001A federal legislation inacted in solution to terorist acts on World trade Center and Pentagon Sept. 11, 2001
individual rights advocateone who seeks to protect an individual freedom in ~ the process of criminal justice
public-order advocateone that believes the under certain circumstances including a criminal threat to publicly safety, the understand of society should take precedents end individual rights
justicethe principle of fairness; the best of ethical equity
criminal lawthe law of criminal procedure and the selection of measures and activities having to perform with the enforcement of this human body of law
civil justicethe regulation of polite procedure, having to carry out with exclusive rights and also remedies search by polite action
social justicean idea the embraces all elements of polite life and is connected to basic notions the fairness and to social beliefs around right and wrong
criminal justice systemEverything that needs to do v criminal justice: law enforcement, courts and also corrections
consensus modelperspective the assumes the the equipment of materials work together harmoniously to achieve justice
conflict modela pespective that assumes the the system's components role primarily to serve their very own interest
warranta writ issued by a judicial officer directing a legislation enforcement officer to perform a specified act and affording the officer protection from damages if he or she performs it
bookinga procedure officially record the person, the place, the time, the reason for the arrest and the arresting authority
bailthe money or residential property pledged come the court or in reality deposited through the court to effect the relax of a person from legit custody
preliminary hearinga proceeding prior to a judicial officer in which 3 matters need to be decided: to be a crime commited, walk it take place within the court's jurisdiction, and whether there room reasonable evidence
probable causefacts and also circumstances that would induce a fairly intelligent human that someone has actually committed a crime
indictmentwritten accusation it is registered to the court by a grand jury, alleging the a details person has commited a specific offense, generally a felony
grand jurya group of jurors who have been selected according to law and also have to be sworn come hear the evidence and also to decision if over there is enough evidence to bring to trial
araignmentthe hearing before a court having jurisdiction in a criminal casein i m sorry the identity of the defendent is established, the defendent is informed of the charge and also of his or she rights, and the defendent is compelled to enter a plea
trialthe examination in court that the problems of fact and also relevent regulation for the function of convicting or acquitting
consectutive sentencetwo or more sentence implemented at the same time, have to be served in sequence
concurrent sentenceserving multiple sentence at the exact same time
due processguaranteed in number of amendments...guarantees individual rights incuding a fair trial for those accused that a crime
crime-control modelcriminal justice perspective the emphasizes the effective arrest and conviction the criminal offenders
due procedure modelemphasizes individual rights at every stages the justice mechanism processing
social controlabc