Since Eazy-E plucked Bone Thugs-N-Harmony the end of midwestern obscurity, the Cleveland, OH-based rappers have had a job as massive as it is chaotic. The legendary team — consists of Flesh-N-Bone, Layzie Bone, wish Bone, Krayzie Bone, and Bizzy Bone — spent much of the "90s on the Billboard charts, even grabbing a Grammy for their 1995 single "Tha Crossroads," a tribute to the late N.W.A. Member who made lock famous. For practically a decade, it seemed favor the team was on height of the word (and the lab charts) ... However even the mighty periodically falter.

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Problems began to emerge after Bone Thugs-N-Harmony"s second album, Art the War, to be certified quadruple platinum in ~ a year that its 1997 release. The members had actually all pursued successful solo projects, also launching the spin-off group, Mo Thugs Family. However, follow to AllMusic, the group"s 2nd round that solo documents were poorly received. By the new millennium, the team was only occasionally reuniting (see: 2002"s Thug world Order, 2006"s Thug Stories, and also 2007"s Strength & Loyalty) together members change in and out in between feuds, jail time, and also solo gigs. 

So, what actually taken place to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony? After more than two decades worth of studio albums, the looks favor this group is still in ~ a crossroads.

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It"s no secret that the members of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony took some far-reaching time turn off to go after solo careers. Krayzie Bone (pictured, left) exit a wire of albums between 1999 and also 2017, including a point out on Chamillionaire"s 2005 Grammy-winning hit, "Ridin."" in spite of what his surname suggests, Layzie Bone (pictured, right) was far from lazy, and also followed suit v a few solo albums of his own. Bizzy Bone additionally lived as much as his embraced name, releasing much more than 20 albums because 1998, consisting of his Bone Brothers participation with Layzie and also a ideal of collection.

It may seem prefer Bone Thugs-N-Harmony slacked a tiny as a merged front, yet these solo albums to be always component of the plan. In a 2016 interview with Vice, Krayzie admitted the this vision to be laid out prior to they ever met Eazy-E and signed come Ruthless Records. "We knew what we want as shortly as we acquired the opportunity," that told the outlet. "We had actually friends that could sing and rap, and also we all said whoever makes it an initial will come earlier and get the other ones, and also that"s simply what us did. We had actually plans to come out through a couple of Bone albums, climate each member would begin doing solo albums. Ns still think us did it a tiny too soon, the solo albums, but it was always in the plan."

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Bizzy Bone has one that the most prolific solo careers of the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony bunch, but he"s additionally been subject to his fair share the drama. The rapper has remained in an on-and-off-again partnership with the team since almost the start. According to MTV News, Bizzy was lastly booted seemingly forever in 2003 ~ he appeared to it is in drunk together the group"s Grey Goose Tour started turn off in brand-new York. Though Layzie play it off like Bizzy "made his own choices," that doesn"t seem choose it was his choice at all.

"Lay stated to which tour, therefore I come to be on the tour," Bizzy told the outlet. "Lay said, "I must talk to you. don"t desire you on the tour. The was back there talking through his manager and also they just badmouthed you." ns played it off. I was hurt, ... Ns go come the bar and also I to be like, "F**k it. I"m gonna drink because I don"t wanna snap."

Bizzy do the efforts his best to shake it off. The star, that was abducted as a four-year-old and rescued ~ his case appeared on America"s many Wanted, admitted his harrowing formative experience aided him "take pain better than some muthaf**kas." He to be going come be just fine. Years later, we ultimately got the real story. In 2016, Bizzy told OWN"s Where space They Now? the he left due to the fact that there was an "infringement on creativity" and also he want his band to "roll through ."

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In 2011, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony more or less referred to as it quits — at least, in the way we were used to seeing the group. According to Rolling Stone, both Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone left to walk solo, leaving simply Flesh-N-Bone and also Layzie Bone to fend because that themselves, and also they weren"t happy. In an interview with TMZ, the pair declared Krayzie was a "dumb f**k" who tarnished your founder"s "legacy."

"Krayzie might as well say, "F**k Eazy-E," because he is disrespecting Eazy-E"s heritage by leaving the group," meat admitted, adding, "Let walk far ... Bone Thugs will be here regardless. The team will no be influenced by Krayzie going ... He knows where home is."

Later the year, the team reunited because that one last hometown present as a five-piece. It was the an initial time in two years all 5 members — including Bizzy Bone, who left during the BTNHResurrection album cycle, and also Flesh-N-Bone, who was navigating assorted legal worries — had actually shared the stage. "Over the years, we proved ourselves," Layzie told MTV News. "OK, we break approximately make up, but we proved to be a household that comes together throughout anything."

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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony"s sort-of breakup was exceptionally short-lived. Follow to Rolling Stone, the guys were earlier in 2012 for Rock the Bells in ~ Los Angeles" house of Blues — and also this was just the start of one entire new chapter. Great Bone called the magazine that the show was a "kick start for a an extremely beautiful situation." And much more was in the works: "We perform music, that"s what we do. It"s just a issue of time wherein we come back together, execute it together a whole. We"re family, we"re brothers. At some suggest it"s every gonna come together."

In 2013, the year ~ its highly-anticipated reunion, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony released Art of War: WWIII, the long-awaited follow approximately 2010"s Uni5: The World"s Enemy (though follow to AllMusic, Krayzie and Wish didn"t contribute to any new tracks). because then, the group"s been on regular basis touring, including a cable of dates honoring the 20th anniversary that "Tha Crossroads." In 2017, Krayzie and Bizzy likewise teamed up because that New Waves, i m sorry they released under the surname Bone Thugs (apparently, there wasn"t any type of harmony there). 

Most recently, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony"s 2020 tourism was cut short as the tape geared as much as re-release The arsenal Volume One.

In an ext recent years, most of what you"ve more than likely seen about Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is that long-running feud v Migos. Why the team has it the end for Katy Perry"s "Bon Appetit" partners is hard to justify. Follow to Revolt, the men were mad the Offset declared Migos was the "biggest group in the civilization to ever before exist" in XXL"s 2018 winter issue. Perhaps that anger have to be redirected to the Beatles or whatever island Tupac is chilling on. That knows? either way, Layzie came out through a weirdly Christmas-themed diss track called "Let Me walk Migo," and also Bizzy donate him up with a diss track of his own, in i m sorry he describes the team as "Offsides, Tequila, and also most notably the unknown third member," follow to Complex. Okay, we chuckled.

If Bizzy"s beef was limited to a diss track, that"d more than likely be the last we heard, but instead, the rapper required to Instagram Live come rant v a gun and, for part reason, traction 21 Savage right into it. According to XXL, Savage apparently declared Bizzy"s wife ate pork chops once she had a plant-based diet and additionally thought Layzie"s diss track was "wack together a muthaf**ka." It"s unclear which comment bothered Biz more, however he apparently threatened come "blow" the guy"s "motherf**king head off." The stream ended with police knocking ~ above his door, due to the fact that that"s what happens when you tote approximately a gun and appear to threaten come shoot people. Calm down, dude.

There"s a factor Krayzie Bone had to limit his touring schedule, at least temporarily. Follow to TMZ, the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony star was diagnosed through sarcoidosis, an "autoimmune condition that strikes the lungs," and also came down v pneumonia throughout a Canadian tour in 2016. This is a serious problem that compelled him come cancel his dates, and, follow to Scientific American, it"s the very same one that might have added to the fatality of comedian Bernie Mac. The an illness also caused difficulties for the rapper as soon as he to be recording his solo album, Chasing the Devil, though part reports falsely claimed Krayzie had a fell down lung.

"It"s a an illness when my immune device works as well much, yet it doesn"t have anything to fight off. It starts attack your healthy and balanced organs — your lungs, her heart, whatever," Krayzie told Vice in 2016. "In mine case, it began attacking my lungs, and I to be going through it because that a while. Coughing, crazy chest pains. I"m great now. I"m in reality still top top medication, however everything is an excellent now."

In the years since Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rose to fame, Krayzie Bone has rediscovered his faith. Actually, by his account, the only reason the ever came to be a rapper in the an initial place was since he shed his way. In one interview with Vice, the rapper revealed that was raised as a Jehovah"s Witness yet felt the need to rebel when he to be younger, so he joined a lab group and "lived that totality crazy life." Now, he"s fully devout.

"When I began studying ago and ns was old enough to actually understand what they to be saying, that all started making sense, typical sense, favor logical sense," Krayzie said Vice. "When you start thinking about life, it"s like, "Wait a minute?" all of the inquiries I necessary to have actually answered, were answered."

In that exact same interview, Krayzie also revealed that he believes strongly in both the Illuminati and the Devil. "That"s all in plain sight," that said. "It wake up right before your eyes, every one of the ingredient you watch in the news and what details people space representing. It"s there. There is good. There is evil. I know there"s a devil, because that real." It"s unsure if this Illuminati is the same one that reportedly made Lady Gaga and also the Carters famous, however if that"s the case, Bone Thugs didn"t require it.

Flesh-N-Bone was noticeably lacking from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for many of the at an early stage aughts because the rapper was serving time. In 2000, Flesh to be famously sentenced to 12 year in jail because that "pointing one AK 47 device gun at a friend throughout an altercation," follow to Entertainment Weekly. Though reports that he was released four years early, he didn"t continue to be out of problem long. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, Flesh was pulled end by police in 2009 since his brake light to be out. They consequently searched his car and also found a 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol that he claimed belonged come his wife. Admittedly, this to be a negative look because that someone with past gun charges who was likewise on parole. Flesh was arrested for the tools charge, "possession the ammunition," and also "misdemeanor drug possession," yet pleaded not guilty. The gun charges to be dropped not long after.

However, it just took a year because that the star to gain arrested again. In 2010, meat was drastically cuffed in ~ his very own sold out concert at the home of Blues in Cleveland in link to a 12-year-old incident. According to, in 1998, the rapper apparently fired a shot into the air and struck his mommy in the head through a pistol, leaving a gash. Flesh told CBS News the the incident never happened. "I would never ever do anything favor that to mine mother," that said. "Anyone that thinks i would do something like need to inspect themselves."

Flesh-N-Bone didn"t just have to deal with gun-related legal issues. Behind the scenes, the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper had an extremely tumultuous house life. In 2011, he directly avoided jail time in an alleged domestic abuse case by acquisition a plea deal. Follow to TMZ, the star was arrested following supposed physical altercation with his wife and also was "charged v inflicting corporal injury on a spouse, threaten her, and false imprisonment." As component of the plea deal, Flesh only pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and the two various other charges to be dropped. He got three years of probation, 100 hrs of community service, and also time-served. He was also required to finish a "domestic violence program and also donate $400 to a quit women"s shelter."

The following year, tragedy to win again. Follow to TMZ, Flesh"s 15-year-old daughter to be reported missing when she never ever returned house from her change at Taco Bell. She had actually last been seen with a 23-year-old male named Alberto Silva Sanchez. 2 weeks later, a household member tracked she down and brought her home. It"s not clear whereby she to be or what she was doing, but Flesh said TMZ, "I am very grateful the she is ago home and okay."

Flesh-N-Bone didn"t just have actually a solo career exterior of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The star additionally had a side-gig in the weed company — legally. This is a large jump native the group"s beginnings of allegedly offering crack cocaine on the streets of Ohio, though rumor has it those drugs weren"t also real, for this reason Flesh-N-Bone may be one of the best or worst medicine dealers in lab history, depending on how friend look in ~ it.

According come a 2013 report in Michigan Live, flesh partnered with clinical marijuana company The green Oasis to create a strain of cannabis called "Phifty Caliber Kush" because that patients in Flint, where medical marijuana is legal. Apparently, it was a pretty an excellent pain reliever. Later on that year, the Broward Palm Beach brand-new Times named Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "one the the most 420 friendly ensembles in the history of hip-hop," a title the group clearly worked hard for based upon the sheer number of lines that members spit around the difficult icky.

At the time of this writing, it"s unsure if Flesh further invested in the legal three industry. According to TMZ, the rapper hope to broaden his efforts to California, Colorado, and Washington.

Money"s acquired to come from somewhere, and also let"s it is in honest, in current years, that"s not record sales. Spotify only gives artists a mere fraction of a cent for each stream, so deserve to you yes, really blame Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for acquisition that sweet chain restaurant cash? In February 2020, the band joined the ranking of celebs that seemingly marketed out for some greasy eats. Might we revolve to your rivals Migos, who collection the criterion with a Migos food selection for Popeyes and also Uber Eats. Uh oh. There"s going to be part beef here — or actually, chicken.

According come Rolling Stone, as component of the group"s partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings, the band adjusted its name to Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony, since the members simply loved the chain"s boneless wings way too much. Each one of them also changed their individual names come Krayzie Boneless, meat Boneless, and Wish Boneless; however Layzie refused. "I ain"t an altering s**t," the quipped in a VH1 Behind The Music-style spoof. Bizzy was not involved, and it"s clear only two that the original 5 know that boneless wings room not, in fact, real wings. They"re chicken nuggets. Sorry, we don"t do the rules, but we would certainly take the heralding money, too.

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The members the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have certainly resolved down due to the fact that their early days. According to TMZ, Krayzie Bone got married in 2014, XXL reports that Wish Bone gained hitched in 2018, and also Bizzy Bone tied the knot with his girlfriend, Jessica Nancy Cassidy, in 2020. The most unsettled appears to be Layzie Bone, who"s to be married due to the fact that 2007 but might or may not have actually had youngsters with a mistress or two. Follow to a 2019 report through TMZ, a paternity test verified that the rapper had actually a baby with a woman called Shateira Marketa Childress. Layzie also had a different paternity suit in 2013, where he was discovered to it is in the father. The dude allegedly it s okay around, but apparently so does Bizzy. The star told Wendy Williams that he has "about 10" youngsters with four various women — that"s enough for a whole new rap group, and also that"s type of what happened.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have made way for a brand-new generation. In 2016, two of Bizzy"s sons and also three of his nephews exit an EP with their group, Bloodline Harmony, or together they"re affectionately dubbed by Uncle Layzie, the infant Bones. This to be truly a household affair and also a veritable happen of the touch. The monitor "O.H.I.O." even features Layzie"s son, Jeremy Howse, and Layzie appears on the monitor "Og"s."