Do you wear a golf glove and not sure if you’ve got it ~ above the right hand, or need to you even be attract one in the an initial place?

For most amateur and also professional golfers a glove is one integral component of the game, and most i will not ~ be there is no one. After ~ all, it is your only suggest of call with the club.

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You might be brand-new to golf, or currently, simply don’t choose to stay one and are wondering whether or no a golf gloves is because that you. If so, the following information should help answer any questions you may have.


Why stay A Golf Glove?

Which Hand perform I stay a Golf gloves On?


In short, the golf gloves will always be worn top top the command hand. The hand the is highest possible on the golf grip once holding the club.

This is because it is the hand that has actually the most contact with the club, and also the hand that is most integral v regards to gripping the club.

So, if you space a right-handed golfer you will certainly wear the on her left hand, and if you space a left-handed golfer then the glove will certainly be worn ~ above your best hand.

Why stay A Golf Glove?

According to Frank Thomas, Chief technical advisor to, wearing a golf glove is just one of those points in life the you should just not question.

The key reason you will want to stay a golf glove is to help improve your all at once grip ~ above the club. A golf glove is tackier 보다 your skin which method that over there is far less chance of the club flying out of your hands throughout your swing.

The other reason is to aid prevent blisters or calluses from forming which have the right to be resulted in by gripping the club also tightly.

Gripping the club also tightly adds stress and anxiety to your hands and also arms, this is no a great thing for your golf swing. Wearing a golf glove will assist to eliminate this problem.

Why not Wear two Gloves?

You may find that there space occasions (mostly weather-related) that speak to for the use of two gloves. In wet conditions, friend may choose to undertake rain gloves to aid improve your grip.

And when the temperature drops, you might want to wear winter golf gloves to keep your hands warm, ensuring friend don’t lose the feeling in them.

There space some golfers that don’t prefer the feel of 2 gloves when playing, however they still want to store their hand warm in between shots. This is once hand warmers deserve to come in handy. They room generally constantly one size and can be slipped on and off quickly.

There room some expert golfers who pick to wear gloves on both hands at all times however this is an extremely rare and there are only two that concerned mind, Tommy “Two-Glove” Gainey and also Aaron Rai.

Should I keep My Golf gloves On for Every Shot?

When chipping and putting you may want come remover your golf glove because these shots contact for an ext feel through the hands while taking the shots.

The brief game usually calls for a much more sensitive touch, and also keeping her golf glove on throughout these shots deserve to inhibit that.

If you can obtain used to acquisition it off prior to these shots then it will not only expand the life of your glove however it will certainly also help your video game in the long run.

Looking After her Golf Glove

A good quality Cabretta leather gloves is constantly going come last much longer than a synthetic glove. Whichever you choose, there space a couple of things you can do to rise its longevity:

Try to store it in its very own pocket of your golf bagRemove the gloves from her hand with care, don’t just yank the off her handKeep the gloves as flat and also wrinkle-free together possible. Maybe try and location the glove earlier in its original box after ~ every roundWhen you remover the glove to chip or putt, closely fold the glove into one that your back pockets, or attach it to the velcro spot that most contemporary golf bags have actually nowadays, specifically for gloves.

In Conclusion

When it comes to picking a golf gloves there is a lot come think about. Most importantly, you want to make sure that the glove fits properly. They room generally easily accessible in S-XL sizes, however you can likewise get ones the are shorter in the finger and more comprehensive in the palm area. These are called cadet sized gloves.

You desire to certain a snug fit, one the is no so tight the it restricts the variety of motion in her hand. And also make certain that you try them top top in various materials, different sizes, and also different brand to ensure girlfriend are gaining the finest glove because that you.

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As pointed out above, the product will do a big difference in performance, fit and how lengthy the glove lasts. You desire to make certain you are gaining one the is functional, comfortable and will perform how you need it too.