Look at the clock it has two hands. Among them is the longhand. The various other is the brief hand. The quick hand reflects the hours and also is calledthe hour hand. The long hand mirrors the minutes and also is referred to as the minute hand.The face of the clock is dubbed the dial. The dial the the clock is separated into12 equal parts.

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Look at the clock displayed at the right. The quick hand is at 6and the long hand is at 12. The time is 6 o’clock. The is likewise written as 6:00in a quick way.

6 o"clock

To tell the time we should see and also understand by looking at the clock. Children can enjoy practicing come tell time by picking any kind of clock and then setting the time top top the clocks by dragging the lengthy hand and the brief hand the the analogue clock or can additionally use digital clock by clicking the up and also down buttons in the clock.

Parents and teachers can help the kids and guide for telling the time through dragging the hands of the clock forward and backward and likewise by placing the hand of the clock in different places. 

See and understand the principle of time:

At the hour, the much longer hand points to 12. The moment is shown by the number come which the short hand points.

12 o"clock

The lengthy hand is in ~ 12

The quick hand is in ~ 12

The time is 12 o"clock

3 o"clock

The lengthy hand is at 12

The short hand is at 3

The time is 3 o"clock

6 o"clock

The lengthy hand is at 12

The quick hand is at 6

The time is 6 o"clock

9 o"clock

The long hand is at 12

The quick hand is at 9

The time is 9 o"clock

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