decimal are a shorthand method to write fountain and also blended numbers with platform that are powers of 10 , favor 10 , 100 , 1000 , 10000 , etc.

If a number has actually a decimal allude , climate the very first digit come the best the the decimal point indicates the variety of tenths.

because that example, the decimal 0.3 is the very same as the fraction 3 10 .

The 2nd digit come the best of the decimal allude indicates the variety of hundredths.

because that example, the decimal 3.26 is the exact same as the mixed number 3 26 100 . (Note that the first digit to the left that the decimal point is the ones digit.)


One great way come visualize decimals is by utilizing base 10 blocks. For instance, intend a large square respresents one whole. If the square is reduced into 10 strips of same size, climate each of this represents one tenth or 0.1 . Every strip have the right to be reduced into ten smaller squares to represent hundredths.


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instance 1:

What number does the following set of blocks represent?


over there is 1 large square, for this reason the ones digit is 1 . There space 3 one-tenths strips, so the tenths digit is 3 . There room 6 one-hundredth squares, so the hundredths digit is 6 .

So, the number represents the decimal 1.36 .

instance 2:

What number does the following diagram represent?


The big square is split into 100 squares. Seven finish rows have been shaded (that is, 7 tenths) together with nine squares of another row (nine hundredths). So, the decimal number is 0.79 .

instance 3:

If the big square to represent one whole, what decimal number does the diagram represent?


The big square is divided into 100 squares. No finish rows have actually been shaded (that is, zero tenths) yet four small squares the one row have been shaded (four hundredths).

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So, the decimal number is 0.04 .