Which California DMV should you absolutely stop if you want to happen your roadway test?

Wondering what the possibilities of passing your roadway test are? There"s to be a many anecdotal talk around "easy" vs "hard" roadway test locations. Well, us looked in ~ the data to uncover out precisely which ones space the easiest and which ones room the hardest. This analytics, excellent by the rebab.net Data Team, looked at 10s of countless completed road tests throughout California in the previous 16 months.

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Taking your roadway test in the just Area? below are pass prices from san Francisco to mountain Jose come Oakland

The most crucial thing us noticed in our data analysis, specifically in the just Area is this: there is no correlation in between "non city DMVs" and higher pass rates. Most world come to us and also ask us to publication them somewhere that"s not San Francisco. We"ll it transforms out the the SF DMV is no a negative place to take your test. One reason: They have actually pretty cool examiners. Seriously. The course we all understand that so much of the test is based upon examiners, secondary to her actual control ability. Turns out SF and Daly City both have actually pass rates above 70%. Meanwhile, throughout the Bay, Oakland Coliseum and Hayward have sub 50% happen rates. Prevent both of those, specifically the Oakland Coliseum. It"s a nightmare there. Also, try to protect against the mountain Mateo DMV if you can - it"s assessors are a bit hard too.

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Taking your road test in Los Angeles? This is a little bit tougher, statistically, than the Bay.

We were likewise surprised by this - until we mental our dominance from above. It"s less around the thickness of the area than around the examiners! turns out Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Los Angeles all have actually sub 50% happen rates! desire to improve your chances? publication a roadway test in ~ Culver City or head north, come Winnetka or Glendale because that example.

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Our greatest takeaway however. This is the large one: The highest indicator of roadway test success is 1) endure driving complied with by 2) familiarity with the car you"re driving and also then 3) familiarity with the neighborhood you"re driving in. That"s among the reasons why ours car and driver business gives you two of these: warm-up time to obtain used come the car and also the neighborhood.


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