Let"s get one point out the the means before proceeding additional — Paul McCartney go not die in a auto crash in late 1966. And no, he was not changed by a lookalike named William Shears Campbell, that you may recognize as the Billy Shears the Sgt. Pepper"s Lonely understanding Club band fame. Now more than six decades into his legendary career together a musician, McCartney has reached a point where he have the right to laugh about the pan theories about his supposed death, but earlier in 1969, shortly after the Beatles released "Abbey Road," Macca was more than a little bit miffed as soon as pressed about one an alleged death proviso on the album"s cover.

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In case you require a little an ext context, the "Abbey Road" cover featured all 4 Beatles cross the street while supposedly pull like human being at a funeral. Man Lennon"s all-white outfit said he to be a preacher, George Harrison"s denim attire made that the gravedigger, Ringo Starr"s black color suit looked favor that the a bereaved girlfriend or relative (or an undertaker), and McCartney going barefoot hinted that he to be the human being being buried. That course, the was every a coincidence, and also if you involved think of it, one of the other purported hints — the license plate analysis "28IF" — is totally dubious, since McCartney was actually 27 at the time "Abbey Road" was released. Furthermore, the singer-bassist had actually a valid reason to go barefoot during the photoshoot because that the album cover, and it wasn"t because he was cosplaying together a dead man.

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As detailed by Beatles Bible, the shoot because that the "Abbey Road" cover took place on respectable 8, 1969, and also the photos to be taken by freelance photographer Iain Macmillian, that was friends through John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The principle for the cover was McCartney"s idea, and also while Macmillian was obtaining things ready, Paul"s wife Linda take it a couple of photos of she own, including one that shows her husband plainly wearing a pair the sandals. Likewise, that donned the footwear for 2 of the six photos Macmillian snapped, however in the other four, he decided to go barefoot. These contained the image the Beatles ultimately decided for the cover, and also as psychological Floss sharp out, they picked it since it was the only one of the 6 photos where everyone in the band had their legs in mid-stride.

So why walk McCartney take turn off his sandals? the had every little thing to execute with the weather, and nothing to perform with "William Campbell" and the various other Beatles trying come subtly push the "Paul is dead" narrative. When LIFE newspaper approached McCartney around the death rumors later that year, he appeared annoyed once the publication carried up the reality he walk shoeless ~ above the "Abbey Road" cover. "On "Abbey Road" us were wearing our simple clothes. I was wade barefoot since it to be a warm day," that explained. "Can you spread it approximately that i am just an ordinary person and want to live in peace?"