“Sweet residence Alabama, whereby the skies room so blue!” this iconic lyrics from the equally well known eponymous track by Lynyrd Skynyrd will always remind united state of the Reese Witherspoon, mock Lucas, and Patrick Dempsey movie, ‘Sweet home Alabama.’ The romantic comedy adheres to a effective fashion designer, Melanie, together she makes her method back come her southern hometown to obtain a divorce from her childhood sweetheart, Jake Perry. Why? oh well, she wants to marry her city love, Andrew Hennings. Are you curious around where the movie was filmed? climate you’re in the best place.

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Sweet residence Alabama Filming Locations

The movie is set in a fictional city – Pigeon Creek – near Greenville, Alabama. However, very few scenes were shot in the state. Georgia, Florida, and new York are places that much more prominently function in the list of filming venues. But before we discuss them in detail, right here is a funny fact around ‘Sweet house Alabama’ because that you – it was the an initial film that was given permission to shoot in NYC following the unfortunately September 11 assaults of 2001.


Most of the film to be shot in the Peach State, and Crawfordville replicated Melanie’s southerly hometown. In fact, the downtown attributes heavily, and the Catfish Festival additionally made usage of various storefronts in the vicinity. Heavy’s Barbeque to be turned right into Stella’s bar. The Taliaferro ar Courthouse makes an appearance, together does the coonhound cemetery, situated on Moore Street.

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Fayette county was where the scenes involving Jake’s glassblowing shop were captured. The particular location used was Starr’s Mill. Wynn’s pond, in Sharpsburg, is additionally seen once Jake lands his plane. Over there is likewise a scene whereby Melanie dupes a reporter by showing him her supposed childhood home. This was taken at the Oak Hill & the Martha Berry Museum, the historical landmark situated at 24 Veterans Memorial Hwy NE, Rome.

The humungous civil-war reenactment to be filmed at the Georgia International equine Park. That is exact address is 1996 Centennial Olympic Highway, Conyers. Other locations that were provided for filming incorporate Covington, Peachtree City (where Jake’s house is located), Atlanta, and also Castleberry Hill.

New York City

Who have the right to forget Patrick Dempsey’s character going down on one knee to propose to Melanie in a Tiffany’s? This was shot at the legendary store in the big Apple, and interestingly, it was the first time the the brand allowed filming come take place on premises since the shoot the ‘Breakfast in ~ Tiffany’s’ (that emerged in 1961). Apart from this, the Lincoln Center and the Fashion District also make an appearance.


Do friend remember how, in the beginning, lightning strikes the sand top top the beach, and also glass is formed? The product is called a fulgurite, and it obviously provides for critical motif about the importance and the worth of a place to speak to home throughout the movie. This to be filmed at Captiva Island, i beg your pardon is located near fort Myers.

A sampling of recent movies filmed in Florida include: 2 fast 2 Furious, Sweet house Alabama, the end of Time, Adaptation and the Punisher.

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As Melanie returns to Pigeon Creek, a row of historic homes is seen. This scene was captured in Eufaula. Moreover, the sets the tone of the film an extremely early on. The sheds light on Melanie’s much more than humble background, and hence, makes for an apt ar as well.