Supragenix insurance claims that CB-1 weight Gainer is a supplement that allegedly offers a weight acquire solution for those with fast metabolisms or weak appetites.

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What is CB-1 weight Gainer?

Supragenix insurance claims that CB-1 load Gainer is a natural weight gain pill through allegedly clinically proven results.

As the numerous unwanted conditions associated with weight problems remain in ~ the head of many health and also wellness discussions, Supregenix says that those that battle to get weight are often overlooked.

Being underweight has its inherent threats as well. Such worries include malnutrition, heart issues, and also kidney dysfunction, which frequently related to gift underweight.

Supragenix claims that acquisition 1 capsule 30-60 minutes prior to each meal can provide lasting weight acquire results. Yet is it the simple?

While Supregenix insurance claims to market a weight acquire solution that is backed by science, they're likewise quick to share this disclaimer:

*Results featured might not it is in typical. Weight gain results depend on a range of factors and also are no guaranteed. Individual results vary.

This conflict information have the right to be daunting to weed through.

In this article, we'll evaluation the active ingredients and highlight any easily accessible scientific assistance for their safety and also efficacy.

CB-1 load Gainer Ingredients and also Their Efficacy

Supregenix prides chin on offering a product complimentary of steroids and other possibly harmful substances. They case that your blend that herbs, vitamins, and also minerals room safe and also effective.

In this section, we'll take a closer look in ~ the ingredients to identify if there is any available scientific assistance for their capacity to market the weight gain you need.

The Ingredients

Each capsule the CB-1 load Gainer has the following:

Vitamin D3 - 1,500 IU (375% the your daily Value)Zinc - 6mg (40% of your day-to-day Value)Maximum strength Weight gain Blend - 405mgEchinacea Purpurea PowderDodeca-2E, 4E, 8Z, 10E/Z-tetraenoic isobutylamidesDodeca-2E, 4Z-diene-8, 10-diynoic isobutylamideUndeca-2Z, 4E-diene-8, 10-diynoic isobutylamideEchinacea Angustifolia PowderDodeca-2E, 4E, 8Z, 10E/Z-tetraenoic isobutylamideUndeca-2-ene-8, 10-diynoic isobutylamideDodeca-2E, 4E-dienoic isobutylamideSoy LecithinVitamin E (mixed tocopherols)

These ingredient are damaged up into 3 main categories: Vitamins, Minerals and Isobutylamides.


CB-1 weight Gainer has both vitamin D and also E, though E is part of your weight acquire blend - we'll comment on that a little later.

Vitamin D helps to maintain solid bones and also teeth, while also potentially to reduce your hazard for some chronic diseases.

As deficiency is common, supplementation is regularly necessary. With 3 servings that CB-1 load Gainer, you'll receive an ext than 10x the recommended everyday value. This sheep should help prevent or enhance deficiency.

With respect to load gain, our literature review did no produce any type of evidence the Vitamin D uses a benefit. In fact, that may have the the opposite effect.

In a current study, 50,000 IU every week end 6 weeks considerably reduced body weight, BMI, belt circumference, and also hip circumference.

Though Vitamin D is essential for overall health, it might offer weight loss benefits rather than aiding load gain.


Zinc is crucial mineral the is often deficient in larger adults and also those that opt because that plant-based diets. Low levels deserve to be associated with many unwanted effects so ensuring your diet or supplement meets your requirements is important

CB-1 load Gainer contains 40% of the recommended daily value of zinc in each pill. Spend 3 pills each day method you'll exceed her recommended day-to-day value, therefore this supplement may help improve or avoid deficiency.

Zinc is involved in many an important reactions in your body and also may offer countless benefits such as reducing inflammation, fostering wound healing, and an increasing immune function.

Our literature review did not produce any kind of support for zinc's capacity to aid in load gain. Zinc seems to market favorable results in managing blood sugar and reducing weight.

In a randomized trial, 30mg of zinc daily for 4-weeks considerably decreased both BMI and also body weight in obese subjects.

While consisting of this mineral have the right to serve come bolster her nutrition, zinc walk not appear to carry out weight acquire benefits.

Maximum toughness Weight gain Blend

As in most proprietary blends, the agency provides only the total merged amount of all ingredients. Together they perform not offer details concerning the quantity of each particular ingredient, we can't to compare them to doses included in clinical research.

Nonetheless, the propose weight obtain benefits that this supplement might be primarily related to echinacea, isobutylamide, soybean beans lecithin, and also Vitamin E.

Echinacea is acquired from flower plants uncovered in the US, Canada, and Europe. Because that centuries, it has been believed to offer a number of health benefits favor wound heal and boosting immune function.

Cannabinoid (CB1) receptors uncovered in your mind can induce hunger when stimulated. In a activities study, echinacea purpurea source extract prove an capacity to stimulate these receptors, though this activity has however to be demonstrated in human being subjects.

Isobutylamides are compounds uncovered in echinacea and also thought to be the energetic ingredient responsible because that its suggest benefits. Many isobutylamides room likely contained in this mix to further stimulate hunger, however again, assistance for this activity is lacking.

Lecithin are fatty substances found in both animals and also plants that are used as one additive to thicken foods. Soy is a common resource for this substance.

While soy lecithin may offer memory and mood-boosting effects, its duty in weight acquire has no been demonstrated.

In addition to providing antioxidant effects, Vitamin E may boost immune duty and promote blood flow.

While that antioxidant benefits have actually been well studied, there is no details describing a potential duty in weight gain.

While CB-1 load Gainer uses some ingredient that may be valuable, weight obtain does no seem to be among the benefits. Ingredients favor Vitamin D and zinc seem come be linked with weight loss.

While part laboratory studies point to a possibility for echinacea to boost hunger, this support is not easily accessible in human studies.

Supragenix cases that a randomized attempt backs your product; our literary works review did not produce this information. If available, this would represent the only study examining the weight gain results of this ingredients in humans.

We got to out to the firm to view if they'd re-publishing the examine details, yet we did no hear back.

CB-1 weight Gainer next Effects and also Safety

Vitamin D is for sure at much larger doses 보다 what is had in CB-1 load Gainer. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, therefore the overfill is harder to remove when compared to the water-soluble vitamins that are conveniently excreted in urine.

Adverse effects are i can not qualify at day-to-day intakes below 10,000 IU/day; cradle symptoms might be an early sign of consuming also much.

Consuming overfill zinc may bring about nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and also fatigue. These effects are much more likely at sheep much higher than what is available in CB-1 load Gainer.

As Supragenix does no offer info for the separation, personal, instance ingredients in their Weight get Blend and obtainable scientific support is lacking, us don't have actually much to compare. Also, recommended day-to-day allowances room not noted for ingredients such together extracts.

Since a security profile can't be explained for this supplement, that is finest to encompass your medical professional in the decision on even if it is or no you should shot the product or similar ones.

How lot Does that Cost?

The CB-1 Maximum strength Weight Gainer deserve to be purchased straight from the Supragenix site. Their assets do no seem come be available from other retailers as of yet.

If you're consuming 3 meals every day, a single 90 capsule bottle will last friend one month. One time orders run $69.98 every bottle.

You have actually a choice between standard processing (free) or rush handling ($6.99) in which your order ships in 1-day or less.

You'll save $20 per party if you sign up with the CB-1 Success Program. Involvement the program locks girlfriend in in ~ $49.98 per month wherein you will get a party each month until you cancel.

Lastly, Supragenix backs your acquisition with your 30-day guarantee. If you're unsatisfied, contact (888) 528-5551to procedure your refund.

Available Alternatives

There are many weight obtain supplements currently obtainable on the market, though none it seems ~ to offer a blend comparable to CB-1 load Gainer.

The vitamins and also minerals, and also the echinacea contained in this complement are easily accessible individually indigenous a range of retailers. Isobutylamides seem to it is in a small harder come come by, however.

Due come the absence of accessible research for CB-1 load Gainer's efficacy in weight gain, why would certainly you desire to go v the problem of finding this ingredients individually also if you did save money?

There are various other products obtainable that might offer weight get through a different mechanism.

High-calories supplements prefer Serious Mass from Optimum Nutrition deserve to assist in weight acquire by boosting your calorie totals with everyday use. You can pick up a bathtub at GNC because that $39.99, though this provides only 8 complete servings.

This specific product consists of a whopping 1250 calories in every 2 scoops.

Watch out for assets like these, however. This powder likewise contains end 20g of sugar every serving and also a total of 253 carbs.

Remember the if girlfriend mix through a liquid other than water, you'll only add to these totals.

These commodities often save on computer sugar and preservatives, for this reason be sure to inspect the label.

The Bottom Line

The proposed weight loss benefits of CB-1 weight Gainer execute not seem come be backed by research. In fact, this supplement consists of a pair of ingredient that have been prove to help with load loss.

As the available research is lacking and Supragenix does no offer info for the separation, personal, instance proprietary mix ingredients, we can't determine just how safe this complement is. This product likewise comes with a nice hefty price tag.

In light of this factors, it's probably ideal to look for weight get assistance elsewhere.

Supragenix also mentions that increasing your caloric entry is essential with the usage of their product, though raising the calories you consume alone can an outcome in weight gain.

For example, if girlfriend eat an additional 500 calories daily, you'll obtain 1lb end 7-days.

If you feel you room underweight, top a physician. Analyzing your diet will likely be one of the an initial steps in your management.

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Under the indict of a trained professional, strategically managing your diet deserve to be one effective method of getting weight, while likewise ruling the end any possible underlying medical conditions.