Wrench Icon in Google Chrome is gone! walk you notification it! The default method of an altering settings and also accessing extensions was making use of the wrench symbol in Chrome browser. It provided to be existing on the much right hand next to the attend to bar. Now it’s been changed with 3 lines stack upon each various other which is referred to as the “Hotdog” icon.

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I’m presently using Version 24.0.1297.0 developer variation of Google Chrome. In that I can see the new “Hotdog” icon replacing the wrench icon. Let’s see what is feasible if girlfriend click the previously version that wrench icon.


As you can see in the screenshot the following choices are available.

new tab new window brand-new incognito window Bookmarks edit Zoom Save web page as… Find… Print… Tools background Downloads authorize in come Chrome about Google Chrome check out background pages assist Exit

I’ll explain some the unknown points here.

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When you click “New Incognito window”, a new window will open. The pages you watch in this mode or home window won’t show up in your browser history or search history. They won’t leave any kind of traces of cookies after you close all open up incognito windows. The other details have the right to be viewed in this screenshot which opens up upon an initial clicking of the incognito window.


When you move your computer mouse over “Bookmarks” it mirrors up an ext options.


You deserve to use the Bookmark manager to organize her bookmarks. Friend can also create folders, re-arrange them and so on using this option. As with the Bookmarks drop under options, Tools additionally has some amazing features.

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You deserve to view the different kind of extensions, clear looking data, report an issue etc using this option.

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These are several of the setups you get under the replaced wrench icon in Google Chrome. Let me recognize if you find any kind of other interesting choices with a brand-new version.

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Ryan Buchholz
June 29, 2015 at 2:06 to be

I can’t it seems to be ~ to change where the Google Chrome locations downloads anymore with this brand-new Hotdog, was thinking of going back to larger version however I’m just inexperienced top top this one an ext likely


Ron Sharbono
November 7, 2014 at 12:15 to be

How perform I change web contents font size?


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