LE>Is the an owl or a spider hidden on the dollar billI met one old friend i hadn"t watched for years and also he started discussing various conspiracies. Most of the standardstuff ... Prescott shrub is a Nazi profiteer. Yep. I knew around most of what he said until that started right into Grand Conspiracy evidence and also pulled the end a $1 bill. "Ok, why is over there an Owl on the dollar?" i dunno. He shows a tiny speck over the front right 1. Hmm. Hadn"t noticed that before. Interesting. He tells me this is proof that part spooky world control EVERYTHING.So I obtain home and also use a magnifying glass and also am amazed to see... An octopus? Huh? for this reason I search "owl dissension bill" and also get every kinds of results. Many are forums where world are debating even if it is it is one Owl or a SPIDER... Oh, spider the makes more sense v the weblike background. Yet nobody can say something conclusive. No data. No history. Simply "its one owl due to the fact that my teacher said so". And surprisingly nobody also bothers to post a photo to clarify. Part sites then attach the owl to SATAN and also hidden societies and also Masons and on and also on and also on walk the wild theories... And everyone is therefore convinced.So ns scanned a bill and also blew up the clues in question. That still looked much more like an octopus, but I can see spider, and also maybe a lengthy necked non-owl-like bird, maybe also two kissing camels. Really strange. Ns presented what I"d uncovered to my friend that insisted the is an OWL and proves the Conspiracy, speak "why else would there be something there?"I i found it a variety of webpages introduce to various other spiders ~ above the bill, in the small dark clues flanking the "One Dollar" on the bottom the the front. I looked in ~ those... Hah, no conflict there... Plainly part the the lift web, coming with each other in a spiderlike way. But obviously no intentional spiders. But then ns noticed those small spiders are the same component of the pattern together the secret owl. A fast visit to photoshop reflects that is definately true... The web all around lines up perfectly.Now the starts to actually look favor an owl or THREE! No, clearly just peaks in the net pattern. The dots viewed as beak or eye are simply tight loops in the pattern. And once realized, we check out the sample repeats, and is oriented in different directions... We deserve to see a height on its ideal side over the lower right 1 circle and on that is left side over the lower left 1 circle. Five owls!! Nope, now plainly all component of the pattern. Earlier to photoshop I strip off the foreground, and start making use of the pattern to continue itself... To rebuild the elevator ... Not enough is left come do full reconstruction, however a partial repair of the background clearly NO owls. NO spiders. Simply peaks in a sinusoidal-like web of lines.So no owl. No spider. Not also an octopus. And NO proof of Conspiracy or SATANIC influence (pardon me yet WHAT RETARDS those satan sellers are!). Possibly there is a cool Consipiracy, however this stupid "owl" has actually nothing to do with it.Don"t take my word for it, simply look for yourself. Ns can"t believe nobody has actually noticed this before.

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