It always seems to occur at the most inconvenient time or ar in Oklahoma City. You’re to run late to work, or you need to pick up your boy from school and the auto just won’t start! You more than likely should’ve paid more attention to the occasional engine-bucks on the highway. Because that cars that have actually 60,000 mile or more on the odometer, the most likely reason is a worn out electric fuel pump.

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How to check the fuel pump

1. Make sure the vehicle is off and safely parked on a level surface. Checking the fuel pump is no a an extremely dangerous or affiliated task, yet safety constantly comes very first and friend don’t desire your auto to rock or shake.

2. On many vehicles, the fuel pump is situated in the fuel tank. So, start by removing the fuel cap.

3. Next, you will need an assistant to revolve the key to the “on” position while you listen close to the gas tank opening. Please plainly tell your assistant they space not trying to begin the car, but simply transforming the crucial so the the lamp come on.

4. Once the automobile is on, you need to listen for the fuel pump. Who else demands to rotate the an essential because the fuel pump will certainly hum for simply two or three secs if it’s working. If you execute not listen anything, the pump is not working.

5. If the pump makes no sound, the an excellent news is the cause might it is in a puffy fuse. Locate the fuel pump fuse and also relay. If it’s blown, replace the fuse with another of the very same amperage.

6. Follow procedures 1 through 4 again to identify if replacing the fuse resolved the problem.

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When to schedule a fuel system inspection

Unfortunately, if the fuel pump isn’t solved by just replacing a fuse it it s okay much an ext complicated. The fuel pump itself demands to be looked at and also this will call for you to eliminate the gas tank. At this point, speak to our auto fix shop in Oklahoma City for this reason a professional mechanic have the right to look at the vehicle.

Fuel system repair in Oklahoma City, OK

At Christian brother Automotive Warwick, us know exactly how inconvenient auto trouble is. That’s why customer organization is a height priority for us. Not just are ours ASE-certified technicians the best in the business, they’re likewise friendliest world in town! many of our services are back by the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice difference warranty. If you’re still passionate to obtain to the office, our complimentary shuttle business can drop friend off and pick you back up when you’re all set to reunite with your vehicle. If you’re in need of a fuel device inspection, speak to to schedule an appointment v Christian brothers Automotive Warwick in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma today!