The reboot the The greatest Loser is set to sell rare insight into the latest fads making the ring in the ar of dietetics and also fitness, providing an extraordinary opportunity because that 20 contestants to occupational on themselves and attain their wanted look. Held by experienced trainer Steve Cook and Erica Lugo, the show celebrates the power of grit and determination. 

Fans would favor to know: where is The Biggest Loser campus? wherein is the filmed? 

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The new edition that The greatest Loser will feature some significant changes. As Women's Health reveals, education will be in ~ the focal suggest of the forthcoming episodes, and also producers intend to feature an ext material helping both contestants and viewers learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Nutrition, sleep, and mental wellness are just some of the subject that will certainly be covered. 


The Biggest Loser campus will reflect the innovative heart as well. Instead that the locations featuring in previous seasons — the Hummingbird swarm Ranch, Calif., and the King Gillette Ranch, Malibu Creek State Park, Calif., respectively — the reboot was filmed in ~ the majestic Glorieta Adventure Camps, N.M. The bedazzling location functions green meadows spanning across the eye have the right to see, a mountain trail, alongside watercraft racing facilities, and also an adventure park designed specifically with adrenaline-addicts in mind. 

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Just choose in previous seasons, The biggest Loser contestants will certainly be expected to adhere to a strict practice regime complete with cardio sessions, weightlifting, and also other, simply as exacting challenges. As Women's Health reports, the rivals will additionally be forced to take component in additional challenges designed to enhance strength and also stamina, including timed mile runs and flipping tractor tiles v a mud pit. 

The on-site gym boasts modern facilities. Follow to Women's Health, there room stationary bikes, weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, alongside a plethora of other items helping contestants number out what form of exercise functions for them the best. The interior style reflects the unsurpassed insistence ~ above self-improvement just the same: the mirror-like black walls of the gym were adorned with red and also blue lamp to develop a sleek, ultra-modern impression.