If you are analysis this, you’re more than likely trying to change an oxygen sensor, and also you want to make certain that you room replacing the best sensor. When looking under the hood, there is no brand that states “bank 2 sensor 1”. You are going to need to recognize a tiny bit around the engine in order to determine which bank is bank 2, and which bank is financial institution 1.

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Knowing for sure that you have uncovered the right bank and also sensor deserve to keep friend from instead of the dorn one, which can save girlfriend time and money. It doesn’t take really long to number it out, and also most the the job-related is going come lie in identify which financial institution is “bank 2”. Finding sensor 1 is easy.


A “bank” is a row of cylinders on one engine that has an ext than one head (think V6, or V8). This engines have actually two exhaust manifolds. ~ above engines with only one exhaust manifold, there is just one bank (bank 1), and also determining the right financial institution is a moot point.

After you identify where financial institution 2 is, then you can discover sensor 1. Sensor 1 is the first sensor comes from the engine side of the exhaust.

Let’s begin with bank 2.

What is financial institution 2?

Finding financial institution 2 is the heat of cylinders v cylinder 2. On many rear wheel journey cars, if you open the hood and also stare in ~ the engine, it’ll be on the left next (passenger side). The is many vehicles. Financial institution 2 will always be top top the side of the engine with cylinder 2.

Where things get harrier is as soon as you have actually a former wheel journey vehicle. You’ll require to uncover the former of the engine. That’s easy. It’ll be turning the alternator and other engine accessories. Most of the time, financial institution 2 will be the next closer come the glass, and bank 1 will certainly be the side closer to the radiator. Listed below are part iron clad ways to verify the you room actually spring at financial institution 2.


Finding financial institution 2

Obviously, girlfriend don’t want to walk replacing components with a “most that the time”. So how can we be certain that we’ve found cylinder 2 and bank 2. Below are some ways:

Check the Crankcase

Some engines come v a sticker the will display the firing order. You have the right to use this come confirm whereby cylinder 2 is. The can also be stamped on the crankcase cover. If friend don’t have any type of luck through that, us recommend using the OBDII scanner technique outlined below.


Look up the shoot Order

The regional parts store have the right to print up and also give you the shooting order. It must come through the cylinder numbers on the shoot order.

Google can also be her friend. Girlfriend can form in the firing bespeak for her make, model, year, and also engine and check the images. It’ll more than likely be there. It would certainly be a lot much better to acquire this info from a dealer parts department before going this route. Here’s a pretty substantial guide come firing orders.

If you have a scanner, we would certainly recommend utilizing it before using the internet to find the firing order.

Scanner Method


If you room looking for bank 2 sensor 1, you’ve likely got an OBDII scanner. Making use of it to determine which financial institution of cylinders is bank 2 is what we recommend. This technique is stole clad and will tell you where financial institution 2 is there is no question. Here’s what you do.

Plug the OB2 scanner into the port. Clear all of the codes. Unplug the wiring exploit from the closestly oxygen sensor you see to the exhaust manifold top top either side of the engine. Rotate the vital on. The examine engine light will certainly pop on and also stay on. You need to not have to start the engine. Usage this code to determine which side is bank 2.

When you usage this method, the unplugged oxygen sensor will instantly flash a problem code. When you check out the code, you’ll understand if that sensor was on financial institution 1 or 2. That’ll be your critical answer.

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Where is Sensor 1?

Now the we absolutely know where financial institution 2 is, we’ll check to check out where B2S1 is by tracing the exhaust from the head come the muffler. It is the first sensor the you will certainly come across. It will certainly be in or about the exhaust manifold.


As you can see, many of the difficult work connected in locating financial institution 2 sensor 1 lies in recognize which next of the engine bank 2 is actually on. When you do that, it’s pretty simple to trace the exhaust and also determine where sensor 1 is.