Are the youngsters excitedly awaiting a visit indigenous the Easter Bunny? If so, they could have part questions, choose where does the Easter Bunny actually live? Here"s what you can tell them, add to some details on why we have actually the Easter Bunny in ~ all.

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Expecting a visit indigenous the Easter Bunny is just one of the plenty of joys that Easter because that children. That, and also all the cacao eggs, the course! and also while we recognize that dad Christmas resides in the north Pole, the house of the Easter rabbit is shrouded in a little more mystery.

So, if your little ones space wondering where precisely the Easter bunny lives, below are a few different theories because that you to share with them...

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Where walk the Easter rabbit live?

The Easter Bunny stays on Easter Island

Of course, the most evident place for the Easter Bunny to live is ~ above Easter Island. Easter Island is a far island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, and it"s additionally a special territory of Chile.

Easter Island"s indigenous name is Rapa Nui, however it came to be known as Easter Island since of the job on which dutch explorers arrived there in 1722: Easter Sunday. They referred to as it Paaseiland, which method Easter Island in Dutch.

Easter Island is particularly famous because that its statues that human numbers with oversized heads, recognized as the moai, which youngsters have likely seen images of.

The fact that Easter Island is for this reason remote method that it"s the perfect location for the Easter Bunny come hide without gift spotted.

Starting off on Easter Island top top Easter Eve, the Easter Bunny travels west indigenous the southern Pacific across the world.


The Easter rabbit is thought to live top top Easter Island.

The Easter Bunny stays in Germany

Another concept for the house of the Easter rabbit is Germany. This is due to the fact that the story of the Easter rabbit bringing eggs and chocolate to kids is thought to originate native Germany in the 1600s. So, it only makes sense for the Easter Bunny come live in a burrow what in Germany.


The Easter hare might additionally live in Germany.

The Easter Bunny lives in Egg Harbor

Another an ideal place because that the Easter Bunny to live is in a place called Egg Harbor, i m sorry is a village in Wisconsin in the top midwest that the united States. Sounds choose the perfect residence for a bunny who delivers Easter Eggs!


The Easter Bunny might live in Egg Harbor.

How go the Easter Bunny get in the house?

We all know that Santa delivers presents by coming under the chimney, but how go the Easter Bunny get into the residence to autumn off your Easter eggs?

Well, the Easter rabbit will typically come in through an open up window, if the get an impression ups have actually left one open up for him. Otherwise, the can acquire in utilizing your cat flap or dog flap. And if not, you can hang a magic key outside because that him, which means he"ll have the ability to let self in.

As for snacks, you could have left Santa a mince pie, yet the Easter hare prefers carrots or some green vegetables, for this reason make sure to leave those the end for him too!

Why execute we have an Easter Bunny?

So, currently you"ve obtained to grips through where the Easter bunny lives, you can be wondering why we have actually an Easter Bunny at all.

In Christianity, Easter clues the death and resurrection that Jesus. So wherein does the Easter hare come into it?

It"s thought that the Easter bunny originates native pagan traditions hundreds of years ago. The festival the Eostre commemorated the goddess the fertility, who was symbolised through a bunny. Egg have likewise symbolised new life for numerous years, and some believer would offer up eggs because that Lent and then eat castle again at Easter.

These pagan and also Christian legacies are thought to have merged somehow, with our modern-day version of the Easter rabbit dating earlier to 1600s Germany, where people commemorated "Oschter Haws" (or Easter Hare) who laid a nest of colourful eggs for children who to be good.

So, if you desire to embrace the heart of the Easter hare this year, why not set up your very own egg hunt because that the kids? take it a look in ~ our Easter egg hunt ideas here, and you can even use our free printable Easter egg hunt ideas here come make points super easy.

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