Before the Larry the Cable Guy/Jeff Foxworthy display tonight, right here are 10 things to know about Larry and his real-life counterpart.

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Larry the Cable male (left) points to his surprise opened act, comedian Jeff Foxworthy, for a benefit for the Team Jack structure on April 25, 2014, at the Pinnacle financial institution Arena. Foxworthy was at spring baseball training gamings with Dan Whitney around 25 years back when he began acquiring the Larry the Cable man persona.

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Dan Whitney toured because that years under his very own name and also spent 13 years calling morning shows of 30-some radio train station -- including Todd and also Tyler in ~ Z-92 in Omaha -- 5 days a week.

"I knew I had actually to develop my very own breaks," Whitney said. "I couldn"t sit ago and permit something happen. If I had actually an possibility to carry out it, ns did it. Sometimes, it paid absolutely nothing. However you never knew that would it is in in the group or what was going to happen."

He discovered the voice the Larry the Cable male while hanging through Jeff Foxworthy and also other comedians in ~ Atlanta Braves feather training baseball games. That has always been able to do a southerly accent, and also "we to be trying to cracked each various other up."

He began using the voice at a display in West Palm coast in 1991 (or 1989 - account differ) because Whitney was "bombing, and it acquired a laugh," the told the newspaper Star"s Jeff Korbelik.

A radio girlfriend in Tampa, Florida, heard him and also asked Larry to speak to his show and use the voice. Larry pretended he was going to install cable TV. The took turn off from there, that told Korbelik.

“It’s favor a cult following,” Whitney said in 1998 of his then-growing popularity. “I’m simply as shocked as anybody else.”

Larry the Cable guy is component owner the Chicken ~ above a Chain, shown at the skilled Bull Riders people Finals in las Vegas in 2007. 

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Larry the Cable guy has considerable merchandise line and CDs and also movies. He also has done commercials because that Prilosec heartburn medicine.

Larry and four-time skilled Bull Riders share Contractor that the Year Jeff Robinson likewise own a bull called Chicken on a Chain. The bull is gift honored in 2015 together the brand of honor at the PBR Heroes & Legends celebration in October. Chicken top top a Chain contended in the PBR native 2005-2012 and was 2007 champion. 

Larry additionally was part-owner the a now-defunct sporting activities bar in Omaha, the Scarlet & Cream Letter Club, with former Huskers. Critical year, the partnered through 50 Cent and also others come buy cave w/, a social video clip app.


Dan Whitney, aka Larry the Cable Guy, and also his wife Cara present plans because that the Morning Star speak Center, a job funded by The Git-R-Done Foundation. Whitney and also his mam married in 2005.


Dan Whitney was born Feb. 17, 1963, and also grew up in Pawnee City. That is 52. He and his wife, Cara, got married in 2005 and live just eastern of Lincoln ~ above a $2 million acreage. They have actually a son, Wyatt, and also daughter, Reagan.

Whitney"s family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida, in 1979 as soon as he was a sophomore in high school. Whitney to visit Baptist college of America in Georgia yet didn"t graduate prior to going full-time with his comedy career.

In Nebraska, his father to be a minister in nearby Humboldt and also Verdon and a indict counselor at Wymore High School. The senior Whitney had actually been a guitarist because that the Everly Brothers.

"My dad was a hard worker," Whitney claimed of the late Tom Sr. "He had a ton the jobs and also never take it a break. I guess ns learned indigenous him. Anyone (in Pawnee City) is choose that. You just don"t sit ago and wait. You walk out and make it happen."

Whitney was the youngest of three children. He play trumpet in the school band, and also his household raised pigs.

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"My friend in mine graduating class, we literally were choose a family," that said. "We had actually been together because kindergarten.