1953 Corvette Overview

After the significant success of the prototype at the 1953 Motorama in new York City, Corvette go from gift the wonderful concept auto designed by Harley J. Earl to an, (as yet unrealized), production vehicle that was currently commanding great deals that attention. Hoping to capitalize ~ above the favorable publicly opinion and the overwhelmingly confident reviews by the press, General Motors put the Corvette ~ above a fast track come production.

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Model:1953 Corvette
Generation:C1 Corvette
Type:2 Door Convertible
Available Colors:Polo White with Sportsman Red Interior
Engine:“Blue Flame” Inline-6
VIN:E53F001001 – E53F001300
Transmission:2 rate Powerglide Automatic
Original Price:$3,490.00
Units Produced:300
1953 Corvette1953 Corvette Spec List

While the reality behind Corvette was that Chevy Division chief Tom Keating and also then GM president Harlow Curtice had already green-lighted Earl’s concept auto for production, the optimistic public reaction that the car had received only boosted the company’s settle to bring the Corvette to market as soon as possible.

A promotional photograph showcasing the 1953 Corvette. (Image Courtesy the GM Media).

While it is common today for limited production dare to market out prior to they are also released, this to be a exercise that was unheard that in the 1950s.

The Corvette to be publicized together being glamorous and exciting, especially compared to the rest of Chevrolet’s much more commonplace passenger-cars. The will was to market pre-sales of the Corvette, combine word-of-mouth testimonials indigenous the selected VIP an initial owners the the 1953 Corvettes through a marketing project that lavished worship on the Corvettes styling, performance and also grandeur, enticing would-be buyers into paying a premium for a auto which was not yet publicly available.

With news stories circulating across the United says about the Corvette being spotted everywhere but not being obtainable to the general public anywhere, numerous potential consumers started to question whether GM was merely trying to pull a “fast one” by luring prospective buyers right into dealerships with the promise the a Corvette just to have the dealer attempt to offer them something else.

In fact, part wondered if the new Corvette “dream car” was going to remain a dream for every timeWhile the ide behind the marketing strategy to be ingenious, that backfired drastically in the months the followed. GM had actually turned to it’s VIP’s together opinion leaders because that the Corvette but, unfortunately for GM, the bulk of them go not like the automobile anywhere close to as lot as the marketers had actually hoped they would.

The auto was criticized as possessing too lot “jet age” styling, of being “non-functional and faddish”, of include clumsy add-ons (such together the previously mentioned side windows), “off the rack” mechanicals and also a price tag that was far in overfill of what the vehicle was actually worth.

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With a last sticker price of $3,490, the Corvette was out of reach for many of the younger consumers for i beg your pardon the auto was being marketed, more bringing into question the viability that this brand-new sports car.