Every instance of incl weather presents its own collection of challenges to drivers. Dense fog, or any kind of amount that fog for that matter, is no exception. If you conference fog when driving, don’t panic. There are a number of precautions you deserve to take come ensure you with your destination without incident.

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Here are six tips to help you journey safely in fog.

1. Save Your Headlights On—Always

Visibility is crucial when driving through fog—for you and fellow drivers. Make sure your headlights room on, no issue what time of day you’re top top the road. Headlights will allow you to see better, and also ensure vehicle drivers behind you have the right to see your brake lights.

Avoid using your high beam lamp though. It might see prefer brighter lights are the systems to short visibility, yet not in the situation of fog. Using your high beams when driving in dense fog can develop glare. This would make it harder for you to see what’s ahead of girlfriend on the road, according to the nationwide Weather Service. Stick v your low beam headlights instead and also use fog lamp if your auto has them.

2. Keep relocating Or traction Over

It can be tempting to protect against your automobile when you can’t check out where you going. Don’t execute that since cars coming up behind you might not realize you’re quit until it’s also late. If the fog gets as well dense, discover a safe ar to pull end that’s outside of the circulation of traffic instead. A public place to wait the end the fog is even far better than hanging top top the next of the road. If that’s your just option, be certain to turn off your lights as soon as you’re off the road, J.D. Power recommends. If you store them on, other drivers can think she in a travel lane and also a collision can ensue.

3. Preserve A for sure Speed

The fog could reason you to check out objects in front of you later on than you generally would. That’s why it’s essential to alleviate your speed and put more distance in between yourself and other vehicles, follow to driver’s education and learning platform Driving-Tests. The extra an are will rise your reaction time. Keep an eye on your speedometer. It might seem like you’re moving gradually when you journey in fog and you’ll want to speed up. Don’t go by feel or her eyesight; stick with what the numbers room telling you.

4. Mitigate Your Distractions

Your attention should constantly be 100% ~ above the road when you’re driving. It’s even more imperative that you’re completely focused once driving through thick fog however. Get rid of whatever might distract you. Rotate off the radio. Ask any kind of passengers to be quiet. Stay off of her phone—even if you have actually a hands-free device, driver education site ns Drive safely recommends. Every ounce of her attention demands to it is in on the road.

5. Use Right-side heat Pavement Marker as A Guide

Anything that enhances your visibility when driving in fog is one asset. The white line that’s painted on the appropriate side that the road have the right to be a useful guide in this situations, follow to J.D. Power. You have to not use the center pavement lines to guide you, however. Doing so could move girlfriend closer to oncoming cars. If you’re having actually trouble see them, they’re most likely not seeing you really well either.

6. Keep Your Windshield and also Windows Clear

Driving in fog is a great time put your windshield wipers and also defrosters come work. Fog can develop a moisture construct up on her windshield, additional decreasing her visibility. The defroster need to be in ~ a warm-to-hot setup in order come dry the end the moisture, according to ns Drive Safely. Her windshield wipers have the right to also help keep the glass clear.

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The best method to prevent a fog-related incident is to continue to be off the the road. If you need to drive through fog, however, mental to stay at a center speed, be respectful the your other drivers and don’t usage your high beams. Take the good driving habits you have and enhance them a bit, and also you should be able to complete your journey safely.

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