I know that I"ve claimed this before in relation to "The Vampire Diaries" -- and it"s going come sound extremely cliche, yet I just need to say the one much more time -- five MY GOD.

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Note: do not review on if you have not checked out Season 3, episode 22 (the season finale) the The CW"s "The Vampire Diaries," entitled, "The Departed."

I recognize that I"ve stated this prior to in relation to "The Vampire Diaries" -- and it"s going to sound incredibly cliche, however I just need come say it one much more time -- oh MY GOD.

I should have known the finale to be going to leaving me speechless. (I don"t even know how I"m writing this recap.) While i was watching, ns felt like I was being pulled in so numerous different emotionally directions, till the final 10 minutes, as soon as I to be pretty lot devastated. There wasn"t just a death; there to be multiple deaths.

When Matt accidentally drive his truck turn off Wickery bridge -- through Elena in his passenger"s seat -- ns knew that whatever was going to change. Trapped under water, Elena sacrifices she life to conserve Matt"s, simply as her father had actually sacrificed his life to save Elena the night Stefan rescued she from her family"s submerged car. Elena"s "death" carried us complete circle from the beginning, the night Stefan conserved her and she lost her parents.

The means the authors weaved the two scenes with each other was both beautiful done and brutally heartbreaking. Jeremy"s reaction, upon realizing his sister"s fate, is equally together painful.

But go you yes, really think Elena was going come die? at the end of critical week"s episode, she dropped to the soil after suffering a head injury. It transforms out that she had actually internal bleeding in her head, and also Dr. Dropped needed to usage her stash of vampire blood to conserve her.

When Elena died, she had the vampire blood in she system, an interpretation that Elena is currently a vampire. She opened her eyes simply as the display screen fades to black, leaving united state hanging till Season 4.

To be honest, I"m surprised that Elena is gift turned so conveniently into the series. Ns wasn"t expecting it. Sure, I thought Tyler might die -- and also he did, in a means -- or even Jeremy, however I never ever thought it would certainly be Elena.

After three periods of fighting to conserve her humanity -- and losing many loved ones because of the -- it"s gone. Among those casualties to be Alaric.

Ric may have lost his own mankind a couple of episode back, however tonight, it to be time come say a final, bittersweet goodbye to our favorite background teacher. Although, evil Ric was causing too countless problems. First, he obtained Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes fired, and also then the told the Council around Meredith"s stash the vampire blood.

But nothing have the right to make me pardon him because that killing Klaus. That"s right, sweethearts. Klaus -- or much more correctly, Joseph Morgan -- is gone because that good. I swear, everyone cried in this episode, even Rebekah! Also, that indestructible white oak stake needs to go.

It wasn"t lengthy until Ric walk after Damon, yet unfortunately (or fortunately?!), the collapsed before he obtained a opportunity to complete what he started. Once Elena passed away in the lake, Ric passed away too. At the very least he acquired to die in Damon"s arms. Deserve to you think of a much better way come go?

Unfortunately, Damon realized that he simply lost his best friend and the love the his life. Sad Damon provides me really sad.

As because that the various other major plotline in tonight"s finale, Elena does make a an option between the 2 Salvatore brother -- and she choose Stefan.

Delena fans, I have the right to here your cries from mine apartment, and i simply want to tell girlfriend that ns feel your pain. In a how amazing twist, we discover -- via flashback -- that Elena in reality met Damon first, no Stefan, ~ above the night her parents died. She met Damon in the middle of the road, and at first, he mistook her for Katherine. Castle share a sweet moonlit conversation before Damon compels her to forget it ever happened. Had he not done that, maybe things would have cleared up differently in between them.

Did anyone rather think that underwater scene in between Elena and Stefan to be a tiny weird? the felt choose Stefan provided in too easily, and there wasn"t any real closure in between the two. If that knew that she was yes, really going come die, would he have left her choose that?

When Elena remained in the automobile with her dad, when she knew they were going to die, she mouthed the words, "I love you." however with Stefan, the man she loves more than noþeles else, there wasn"t any kind of sort last acknowledgement. Currently Stefan has actually to attend to the guilt that letting Elena turn right into a vampire, which method that we"re all in save for a really angst-ridden Season 4.

But currently that Elena is a vampire, things are indeed going to adjust between her and also the Salvatores. After ~ all, Stefan doesn"t recognize Elena choose him. However, Damon does.

Matt, being Elena"s true confidant, decides to kidnap her and also take she on a roadway trip, an hour away from Mystic Falls, to view Damon. ~ above hearing the Klaus" ultimate demise, Elena, afraid the her friends will all die together with his entire bloodline, is compelled to decided which direction to go in -- onward to Damon, or ago in the various other direction, to Stefan.

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She eventually choses come go earlier to Mystic Falls, calling Damon come tell him her final decision. She defines that Stefan came into her life in ~ a time once she essential someone most, and she"s in love with him. Once again, she has broken Damon"s heart.

However, probably the writers were trying to tell united state that Stefan was the wrong choice because once Matt and Elena revolve around and also head towards home, Rebekah, avenging she brother"s death, drives Matt off the bridge.

Meanwhile, fans of Michael Trevino have the right to rejoice. The looks prefer he"ll be staying on because that Season 4. However, the won"t be play the Tyler that we all have grown come love.

When Bonnie to be alone v Klaus in the warehouse closet, she walk the most valuable thing that she"s done in the entire series. She regulated to switch Klaus and also Tyler"s bodies, definition that once Alaric thought he killed Klaus, the actually killed Tyler. Klaus is now in Tyler"s body. In various other words, Bonnie walk rogue.

OK, I understand a lot of you love Michael Trevino -- and also really, how could you not? -- but I"m walk to miss out on Joseph Morgan. He to be so brilliant as Klaus. He had all of the appropriate mannerisms and also Britishisms and he was simply so ... Devilishly perfect. I"m not rather sure Michael Trevino have the right to live up to that, but I expect I"m wrong.

This also means that Klaus" whole bloodline -- Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Abby -- room all safe, due to the fact that Klaus didn"t yes, really die. Of course, this was Bonnie"s genius plan all along. Currently if I might only figure out what they"re walking to perform with it next season.

Will Klaus ~ do so to it is in Tyler? Or will he tell everyone around the switch? Or will certainly he operation away with Caroline, as Tyler? will Caroline capture "Tyler" drawing pretty ponies and figure it all out?! ns just have actually so many questions.

Matt is this season"s MVP. In ~ this point, he"s Elena"s finest friend, yet I"m afraid the Elena"s brand-new vampire standing might change things. Not to point out that the populace of humans in Mystic drops is dwindling. Elijah is quiet my favorite Original, and also I really hope that he sticks around, but I wonder what kind of duty the Originals will play in Season 4. the scene in the lake ... Sigur Ros, you are a life-ruiner. will certainly Jeremy be able to call top top Tyler from past the grave? and if the does, will certainly he be in Klaus" body? due to the fact that I"m totally down for that.

Damon: "You desire a love that consumes you. You desire passion and also adventure, and even a small bit that danger."



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