With The Mandalorian over because that the season and The increase of Skywalker finally out, the following big Star Wars release is the hit show, The Clone Wars. This time, the show currently has a built-in audience, and it’s coming ago after a nearly six-year gap. Needless to say, fans are hungry because that it. Since its cancellation in 2014, Dave Filoni and also other creators top top the show have common what castle were currently planning to put in the show, for this reason fans already know what come expect, including Ahsoka’s return after she left the Jedi stimulate in Season 5. 

While she’s not coming earlier to the Order, she is returning to lead part Clones into fight in the Siege of Mandalore. If you’ve checked out the trailer for the last season already, you recognize that Ahsoka’s lightsabers look various from the people she provided up until she left, and also the people she has actually inStar battles Rebels.

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Minor spoilers forThe Clone WarsSeason 7.


(L-R) Ahsoka and her blue lightsabers in ‘The Clone Wars’ Season 7 trailer, and also Ahsoka in ‘Star battles Rebels’ v her white sabers | Lucasfilm/Disney XD via Getty Images

The previous Jedi began using two knives in Season 3 that ‘The Clone Wars’

Ahsoka Tano to be Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, assigned come him by understand Yoda in the 2008 movie the started The Clone Wars series. She started with a green blade when very first introduced, i m sorry is a typical Jedi blade color. ~ the Jedi choose their kyber crystal to power the weapon, the tongue takes that is color. It’s connected with the Jedi’s spiritual alignment. Green knives can average a variety of things about the Jedi that belongs to yet usually denotes harmony and also goodwill. 

In Season 3, illustration 10, “Heroes ~ above Both Sides,”Ahsoka’s outfit changes, and also she’s rocking two knives instead that one. Not like a Sith double-edged lightsaber, yet a blade because that each hand. They’re still green, and no one comment on the switch. In theForces of Destinyepisode, “Teach You, i Will,” you deserve to see her train and get supplied to them.

The official Star wars site says that Ahsoka offers two sabers since she’s together a “skilled duelist.” They create she “built a 2nd green-bladedlightsaber with a shorter, shoto-style blade,” and also she supplies the much shorter one come “complement her major weapon.”

Season 7 reveals her new, blue lightsaber blades

Thanks to Barriss Offee frame Ahsoka, the Jedi bespeak loses belief in her. Tano walk on the run for a bit, prior to getting recorded and virtually charged through the crime of battle a Jedi temple. Even though they shot to welcome her ago after Anakin helps clear her name, she doesn’t trust them — nor herself — anymore. She doesn’t view herself to the right to be a Jedi and also leaves the Order and her lightsabers. 

When she comes back in Season 7, the trailers show that she gets she sabers back, yet they’re blue this time around. Blue denotes bravery and righteousness, according to ScreenRant and also is a color used by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin.

In the novel, Ahsoka, it says her knives are still green at this time, when Ahsoka leaves them ~ the Siege the Mandalore. But, we’re going come overlook the continuity error. It’s feasible it’s a failure in the trailer and could be fixed prior to it airs. Or the brand-new color could likewise just be a retcon for every little thing reason. Anakin does have them, and his saber color is blue, therefore they to be possibly influenced by his aura alignment. Or, it’s feasible that ~ leaving the Order and also coming back, Ahsoka’s spirit shifted, hence her new color. 

Ahsoka had to leaving her lightsabers ~ above Mandalore to throw the realm off her trail

Regardless, we know that by the time she comes back in Star battles Rebels, year after Anakin becomes Darth Vader, she lightsabers space white. That’s since she leaves her blue/green sabers ~ the Siege that Mandalore, as stated in Ahsoka. Again, this overlaps with Anakin turning to the Dark Side and the Republic ending up being the Empire. 

After shedding Maul to conserve Rex, and also after all the other Clone troopers turn on the Republic and Jedi, she needs to flee. Rex eliminated his mind implant, for this reason he doesn’t try to kill Ahsoka, however they tho separate because it’s the best chance they have actually for survival. Ultimately, lock fake your deaths.

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A tiny over a year later, close to the finish of the novel, Ahsoka decides the time come fight back against the Empire. And even despite she doesn’t see herself together a Jedi (and never really go again, native what we know), she renders two new lightsabers. She defeats an Inquisitor, take away his bleeding kyber crystals, and also purifies them again. 

Her alignment, this time, keeps the crystals white, i m sorry is attributed to the fact that she’s neither Jedi no one Sith. She’s genuinely independent in ~ this point. Just like her very own story, Ahsoka’s lightsabers have actually one that the best advancements in Star Wars.