When worn, cooking Gauntlets (also called cooking gloves) decreases her odds that burning particular foods. The gauntlets only impact Lobster, Swordfish, Monkfish, Shark, and Anglerfish. Requirements: household CrestTo have the ability to gain access to the food preparation Gauntlets you need to complete the family Crest quest. Skill requirements for household Crest: 40 Mining40 Smithing59 Magic40 Crafting Ability to safe-spot a 172 demon

Best cooking Locations

When it involves training cooking, all you need is a fireplace/range and also a surrounding bank. Below I will present you the ideal places to cook in both P2P and F2P.

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Cooking burn level osrs

One the the most important components you should understand when food preparation in old college Runescape is that there are different food preparation burn levels.With burn levels, we median the cooking level at which point you protect against burning the food altogether.Next to your cooking level, this burn-rates also depend on her location, whether or not you’re wearing food preparation gloves (only for certain foods) and also whether friend are food preparation at a fire or a range.To make things simpler for you, a burn-levels chart will certainly be obtainable for each cooking level in the guide portion below.

Burthorpe Rogues Den (P2P)

This location is situated underneath the Burthorpe Inn. A permanent fire is set up with a banker (who no move) right beside it! Does it get any kind of better? The only down-side come training your cooking here is the a fireplace (as protest to a range) slightly boosts your burn-rate over a range.There are absolutely no needs to acquire here which is why that is the many used food preparation place for P2P players. Also, the reality that you can instantly financial institution makes this the ideal place to cook AFK in old school Runescape. Friend can easily get below by teleporting come the Burthorpe gamings room ~ above your gamings necklace, the fire is located underneath the pub.

Best location to cook: Hosidius Cooking variety (P2P)

Hosidius is the best place to chef in osrs. Training our food preparation at the hosidius variety decreases your food preparation burn level by 5% (10 % if you perfect the Kourend & Kebos upstream Diary). The Hosidius Cooking variety requires you to have 100% hosidius favour to access. The financial institution is close to the range.If you have actually your 100% hosidius favour this is the best place to chef in osrs because of de decreased burn levels. However, Burthorpe is still a perfectly fine alternate and still used by many players come this day.

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Cook-o-Matic (Lumbridge lock Range) (F2P)

Completion that Cook’s Assistant provides you a access to a reduced burn-rate range called the Cook-O-Matic 100. This selection is located in the kitchen the Lumbridge Castle, you’ll must climb up the ladder come bank.The downside is that you have to climb ladders to obtain up and down. However, this is the best and also fastest way to train food preparation as a F2P player. Other cooking locations room of course available but just weren’t worth it come make into this guide. 

OSRS 1 -99 cooking Training guide – AFK Method

This method works finest when you’re utilizing both the food preparation Gauntlets (Highly Recommended) and the Hosidus range (Highly Recommended) during your cooking training. I’ve had burn-level tables for her ease.

Levels 1 – 20 food preparation Sardines 

From cooking levels 1-20 you’ll require to cook 112 Sardines. Levels 1-20 will take you much less than 10 minutes in a great location. Alternatively, you deserve to use shrimp i m sorry you will be burn slightly much less off but you’ll additionally gain much less experience. EXP Rate: 30K/hrProfit: -6,496gp

Levels 20 – 30 cooking Trout

From food preparation levels 20 to 30 you’ll need to chef 128 Trout. This will certainly take you about 5-7 minutes. EXP Rate: 80K/hrProfit: 128gp

Levels 30 – 50 food preparation Salmon

From cooking levels 30 to 50 you’ll require to chef 978 Salmons. This will certainly take you approximately 40-50 minutes. If you don’t care around making money or AFKing, you can stop in ~ level 35 and start making Jugs of wines instead.EXP Rate: 100K/hrProfit: 1,956gp

Levels 50 – 61 cooking Tuna

From food preparation levels 50 come 61 you’ll need to chef 2,010 Tuna. This will take you roughly 1.5 hours and you’ll do a really slight profit on the money spent.EXP Rate: 120K/hrProfit: 2,010gp

Levels 61 – 76 cooking Lobster

Burn level for cooking LobsterFrom levels 61 you will stop burning lobsters if you have the food preparation gauntlets and are making use of the hosidius range. FireReg. RangeHosidius variety (5%)GauntletsGauntlets + Hosidius (5%)7474706461
For food preparation levels 61 to 76 you’ll require to cook 8,618 Lobsters which will take girlfriend 6 hours. Friend will shed some money act lobsters.EXP Rate: 160K/hrProfit: -270K

Levels 76 – 82 food preparation Swordfish

From cooking levels 76 come 82 you’ll desire to chef swordfish because that the faster experience. You’ll need to chef 7,748 Swordfish, this will take you roughly 6 hours. Cooking Burn levels for SwordfishFireReg. RangeHosidius variety (5%)GauntletsGauntlets + Hosidius (5%)8686828176
EXP Rate: 180K/hrProfit: -180K

Levels 82 – 89 food preparation Monkfish

From levels 82 come 89 you’ll require to cook 16,142 Monkfish. This will certainly take you approximately 12 hours and you’ll do a pretty profit.Burn levels for cooking MonkfishFireReg. RangeHosidius range (5%)GauntletsGauntlets + Hosidius (5%)9290848882
EXP Rate: 200K/hrProfit from 82-89: 1MProfit from 82-99: 4,3M

Levels 89 – 93 food preparation Sharks 

From cooking levels 89 to 93 you’ll need to chef 11,207 Sharks which will take you roughly 9 hours. You’ll acquire a lining 260K exp rate and make a nice profit on the sharks.Cooking burn levels because that SharksCooking GauntletsGauntlets + Hosidius (5%)9489
EXP Rate: 260K/hrProfit indigenous 89-93: 580KProfit native 89-99: 2M

Levels 93 – 99 food preparation Anglerfish

For cooking levels 93 every the way to 99 you’ll require to cook 25,387 Anglerfish which will take you approximately 20 hours.Burn level for cooking AnglerfishCooking GauntletsGauntlets + Hosidius (5%)9893
EXP Rate: 310K/hrProfit: 780kWith this AFK method of our old college runescape cooking Guide, friend can obtain 99 in under 60 hours. Listed you’re wearing food preparation gauntlets and using the Hosidius Range. 

OSRS cooking Guide – Fastest way to 99

If 60 hrs of AFK gameplay isn’t fast sufficient for you, nothing worry: you deserve to do it in 26 or even 20 hours if you deserve to handle these click-intensive, fast food preparation methods. 

Levels 35 – 90 (or 99) food preparation Jug of Wines

From level 35 (which you can acquire to in under 20 minutes) you can start do jug of wines. Food preparation just that wine is among the fastest ways to gain 99 food preparation in the game but it is not very AFK like food preparation fish is. Beware: until level 68 you deserve to create negative jug that wines i beg your pardon is the tantamount of a charred fish. Because that this method, you’ll need to have 14 jugs the water and also 14 Grapes in her inventory. Simply combine them, bank, and also repeat.To gain from level 35 – 90 will take you 26,620 jug the wines. This will certainly take you 10 hrs to do. Alternatively, getting to 99 this way, will certainly take you about 26 hrs in total and also lose you roughly 8M GP. EXP rate: 500K/hrMoney lost 35-90: 3.3MMoney lost 35-99: 8M

Levels 90 – 99 1-tick Karambwans 

Now of food cooking likewise has a tick manipulation method to gain the ideal experience in the game. V cooking, friend can acquire a whopping 1M exp per hour law 1-tick karambwans. This is done by act Karambwans i m sorry you i will not ~ burn starting at level 90. Doing Karambwans native 90 come 99 will take you approximately 8 hours and also you’ll make part money while doing it!EXP rate: 1M/hrProfit/hr 800kTotal Profit: 6.5MIf you use the jug of wine cooking technique from 35-90 and also then switch over to Karambwans friend will just lose around 1.5m GP and also get 99 in under 20 hours.Here’s a quick 20 2nd demonstration that 1-ticking Karambwans: