I just saw the last episode the Chuck and also I"m quite touched by the end. Ns assume it all ends well because Alex and Morgan are moving in together, Elli and Devon are moving to Chicago and also it seems choose Sarah and Chuck space getting earlier together,...

But what is the true ending with Chuck and Sarah? are they getting back together or has Sarah really shed her memory and also did they end their relationship?



According to lining co-creator kris Fedak, Sarah"s storage is progressively returning and Chuck and Sarah will loss in love together again; that will simply take time.

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From one interview with Chuck co-creator kris Fedak:

Alan Sepinwall: I want to begin at the end. Lock sit ~ above the beach, chuck tells buy it the story of their relationship, she laughs, and we"ve gotten clues that she"s beginning to remember she life v him. And he kisses her. Walk Morgan"s magic cheat idea work and also she remembers every little thing instantly? Or is it just going to be a slow and steady process for her to obtain all her memories and feelings back?

Chris Fedak: i think I"m walking to leaving that up to the audience. I have actually my thought, and also Josh has actually his. It"s a sweet, nice moment. A happy ending for those two. Ns think it"s up for everyone to judge that kiss at the very end.

Alan Sepinwall: Well, after last week"s episode, a couple of commenters were upset through the idea the Sarah"s memory had actually been erased, and also that all her character growth we had actually spent the last five seasons was for naught. What would you say to that?

Chris Fedak: i would absolutely say it"s no erased. It"s not all gone. That hasn"t been 5 seasons all for naught. It"s in there. And the fun will be remembering it and falling in love again. How could you imagine anything better?

Later in the interview:

Alan Sepinwall: We uncover out what most of the other characters are going to do, and also Chuck and Sarah are on the beach, for this reason we recognize they"re going to get ago together. Yet what carry out you see as the rest of chuck Bartowski"s life being?

Chris Fedak: Wow! Well, that"s a giant question. I will certainly tell friend this: I view Chuck and also Sarah together, gift a husband and wife, beginning up that computer system security firm. Hopefully they won"t discover themselves dodging bullets because that the rest of your lives. The course, as a writer, now I begin thinking, "You understand what? They can get into a little bit that trouble." the gets the story side of my mind going. But for now, they"re happy and also they"re together and thinking about their future.

In his collection finale review, Alan Sepinwall gives his impression that what wake up to Chuck and Sarah based upon his interview through Chris Fedak:

When the amnesia storyline kicked in last week, some of you expressed worry that five seasons the character development for sarah were being thrown the end the window. Ns don"t think that"s what taken place (nor walk Fedak, together you deserve to see in ours interview). Whether or no Chuck"s kiss performs the Disney princess trick and breaks the angry spell in its entirety or not, it"s clear sarah is coming back. She remembers exactly how to share the Wienerlicious counter. She remembers Irene Demova. She remembers them carving their names into the framework of your dream house. And also as lining tells her the story of their an excellent romance, you have the right to see her slowly start to affix with the rest. If she"s not all the method back now, she will certainly be eventually. He"s she Chuck, she"s his Sarah, and they get to fall in love almost everywhere again, and that"s pretty damn sweet.

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We might not know specifically what the future holds for those two (Fedak also talks around that a bit), however we know that they"ll be together, and all the remainder is details. As soon as upon a time, buy it was Chuck"s overview into a strange brand-new world, and also now he gets to return the favor.