Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 10 best Buffy & Spike Episodes fans were split on Buffy and Spike"s tumultuous connection on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yet there"s no denying their impact on the series.

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For starting out as bitter enemies, Buffy and also Spike became one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer"s most celebrated couples. In spite of being inquiry dozens the time if Spike to be her friend throughout the series, the Slayer vehemently refuse the chemistry she had actually with viewers" favourite bleach-blond poor boy. Your story wasn"t all about sexual stress and anxiety you could cut through a battleaxe; the intimacy between their characters only deepened as they went with — and also overcame — each brand-new crisis.

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From battling each various other to battling next by side, every season revealed a little an ext about their an effective dynamic. The composing of these specific episodes discover the countless facets of their relationship development, and also were important due to the fact that of just how the distinctive interactions in between Buffy and also Spike carried out unique sides of their characters.

An amusing fan-favorite episode from Season 4, in which a frustrated pasture starts it spreads widely renegade magic. She becomes so excited by Buffy and also Spike"s habits that she accidentally spits out, "Then why don"t friend marry him!", thus start an arc whereby Spuffy (at the very least in pretense) begins.

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Willow causes mayhem to other characters, too, yet fans couldn"t get sufficient of the spell that brought the Slayer and the vampire she loathed most together, and loved their flurry of make-out sessions the predate their first "official" kiss, all of which reasons Giles come feverishly cleaning his glasses.

In one of the earliest illustration of Season 5, Spike has a shocking revelation in a passion-fueled dream — he"s in love with his sworn enemy. At the time, he"d to be assisting the Slayer and also her super soldier boyfriend Riley with slaying in the cemetery.

In Spike"s dream, Buffy seeks Spike in his crypt v the will to slay him. He welcomes death, advertising he"d quite die and also be complimentary of her. She"s naturally puzzled by this, however can"t lug herself to death him, which is when they share a fiery embrace, and Spike wakes up horrified.

A distraught and frustrated Spike tries come coerce Buffy"s affections through kidnapping her together with his former lover Drusilla, hoping that Buffy will finally see how committed he is to her by staking his sire (as if the shrine she found of herself in his crypt wasn"t enough). As soon as his love appears not to be reciprocated, he endangers to release Drusilla and also have her death Buffy instead.

The mid-season illustration is noteworthy for not only the climactic confrontation in between Spike, Dru, and Buffy, but because it ends through Spike"s invitation right into Buffy"s home being revoked. It begins one of numerous character arcs for Spike involving regaining his crush"s trust and proving the he loves her in a systematic way.

7 "Intervention"

In this popular Season 5 episode, hell goddess Glory is trying to find the mysterious "Key" and also thinking it"s in the possession of whomever the Slayer holds dear, kidnaps Spike. Meanwhile, Spike has enlisted Warren"s help in making the a "Buffybot," a perfect android replica the the Slayer, whom he"s please in love with.

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The actual Buffy despises Spike for both creating the repugnant Buffybot and potentially revealing Dawn"s location, but ends it gift in his debt since despite gift tortured, Spike never revealed the whereabouts that the Key, maintaining Dawn out of harm"s way. Posing as the Buffybot, the actual Buffy bestows a kiss (and her trust) on she knight errant.

The groundbreaking musical illustration in Season 6, i m sorry has since inspired numerous imitations across many genre series, features beautiful ballads indigenous the entire cast, however perhaps none as meaningful as the ones exchanged by Spike and also Buffy.

After Dawn publication a demon who provides everyone unable to stop dancing and also singing, Spike reveals come Buffy how tormented he is gift in love v her, and also she reveals just how painful the is to have actually been pulled from heaven. They establish they"re two lost souls the might be able to find pleasure (or at least feelings worth living for) in every other, and they share their an initial "real" kiss in ~ the finish of the episode.

5 "Tabula Rasa"

A fan favorite across the entire series, this early on Season 6 episode explores what wake up to the Scoobie as soon as one the Willow"s spells goes wrong and also robs them of their memories. Their process of piecing together their personal histories makes for part hysterical duty reversals.

Not understanding their background both improves and complicates Buffy and also Spike"s relationship, particularly in lieu that the kiss they shared at the finish of "Once much more With Feeling." once the spell ultimately is broken and they encounter each various other at the Bronze, castle resume their passionate affair.

through the sexual tension structure in number of previous episodes, it ultimately erupts in the center of Season 6, when two unstoppable forces collide to fairly literally carry down the house. Spike and Buffy acquire physically intimate for the an initial time, and the episode proves their connection will be really different 보다 what she had with Angel.

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Buffy and also Spike"s lovemaking is violent, demanding, and also destructive, and causes a home to collapse. Lock aren"t concerned with the ramifications of their pet passions, which sets the tone for their affair, i beg your pardon Buffy conceals from her friends out of shame.

3 "Beneath You"

Spike renders a powerful choice in ~ the finish of Season 6 to leaving Sunnydale and travel come Africa, whereby he wishes to be given his soul, much like angel was. As soon as he return to Sunnydale in Season 7, the process has left the weak and also damaged, both mentally and physically, to the point where that feeds on rats under Sunnydale High wherein Buffy has actually taken a project as a counselor.

At the end of the episode, once Buffy encounters the in a church speak in riddles, she realizes that the broken man prior to her has a soul, one he got to make himself the type of guy she would want, forgive, and love.

Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was irradiate on the romantic intimacy between Buffy and Spike, but what it lacked in steamy kisses and also sexual anxiety it comprised for in depth understanding between the characters. In "Touched," towards the finish of the season, Spike has a open minded conversation v the Slayer as soon as she"s feeling depressed.

In his speech, he explains that his love for her isn"t since he "wants her" or even due to the fact that he "can"t have her," but due to the fact that he loves who she is. He"s seen her at she best and also her worst, and also he important believes she"s "one hell of a woman." For all her strength and resilience, she demonstrates significant vulnerability with Spike as soon as he"s finished and also they share a chaste however intimate night together.

1 "Chosen"

The collection finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is meaningful for a selection of reasons, however one the the most salient events of the episode involves Spike and Buffy, a pair whose kinetic link wasn"t constantly healthy but always undeniable.

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They had gone through so lot in the preceding seasons, and their partnership had readjusted to an extent that fans believed they could have had actually a future together as soon as Spike decides to sacrifice self to conserve his true love. Buffy lastly tells Spike she loves him, and also he dies the man who deserves it.