Ahsoka should be a favourite character to many, so the is only natural we great to dissect also the smallest things done in Clone Wars. Why two lightsabers? how did she obtain them? Ahsoka Tano is absolutely the character who have the right to yield more lightsabers than only one. We bring you the full story.

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Ahsoka obtained her 2nd lightsaber from Anakin, together a gift. She was, ~ all, under his mentorship. This lightsaber is very comparable to Yoda’s. Ahsoka to be a professional duelist and was able to use two lightsabers, unlike countless Jedi.

To uncover out why was Tano offered the 2nd lightsaber, where did she acquire it from, when, and also in which illustration (so the you know when to expect her brand-new look), keep reading! get to recognize your favourite Jedi also better.

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how Did Ahsoka obtain Her 2nd Lightsaber?
whereby Did Ahsoka acquire Her brand-new Lightsabers?
as soon as Did Ahsoka obtain Her second Lightsaber?
What episode Did Ahsoka acquire Her 2nd Lightsaber?
Why walk Ahsoka have Two Lightsabers In Clone Wars?

How walk Ahsoka obtain Her 2nd Lightsaber?

Ahsoka Tano supplied a green-bladed lightsaber as a Padawan, regularly with a non-standard reverse grip. Under Anakin Skywalker’s mentorship, Ahsoka honed her dueling skills and arisen a second green-bladed lightsaber v a shorter, shoto-style blade.

She provided this lightsaber with a much shorter blade to supplement her main weapon. Ahsoka offered a pair of brand-new lightsabers through white plasma blades during she time with the uprising.

Anikan readily available it come her together a present.

The second lightsaber is identical to Yoda’s, although the is a lightsaber shoto blade rather than a continuous lightsaber. Shoto blades are half a meter long and are draft for world of short height, such as Yoda. They were also designed as an offhand weapon because that those who wished to duel.

Its short length provided more flexibility, avoiding the chisels from being entangled. It was offered to Asoka by Anikin due to the fact that he assumed it would assist her block blaster fire an ext effectively, which the did. It also prepared she for the future as she thrived older.

You may have seen Ahsoka in the rebel cartoon collection “Fulcrum.” She is holding 2 white-glowing sabers.

She uses pressure to recognize the harmonics of the crystals that room faithful to her in the publication AHSOKA. She is led to them in stimulate to find that they room in operation.

They have been tainted by the dark side and also twisted versus their will certainly to be provided by an inquisitor. Lock shine white together she efficiently frees the crystals to be supplied at their very own will.

Where did Ahsoka get Her brand-new Lightsabers?


According come the official Star wars website, Ahsoka supplies two sabers because she is a “professional duelist.”

They speak she “made a 2nd green-bladed lightsaber through a shorter, shoto-style blade,” i beg your pardon she uses to “complement her main weapon.”

Like the Vaapad combat pose, wielding two blades or a dual sword was commonly regarded together too efficient for a Jedi come contain.

Mace Windu was the first Jedi to usage Vaapad, and his ability to concentrate the dark next of the force to execute so was exceptionally rare.

The principle of bonding kyber crystals v its owner was introduced in Star battles canon, v dark side pressure users making lock red and also light side force users able to develop green, blue, purple, black, and orange.

However, because the kyber crystals Ahsoka was using were currently white, the process of purifying them brought about the unexplained white lightsabers.

In canon, every one of the lightsaber shades have meanings, such as blue mirroring courage.

Why Ahsoka has actually two lightsabers rather of one, as most pressure users do, deserve to be traced back to her days as a Jedi padawan.

Like numerous others, Ahsoka began with a solitary sword, yet she finally forged a second, much shorter blade. This is a signature of Ahsoka’s combat style, which she has ongoing to use several years later.

Ahsoka no the only character in Star battles canon who regularly wields 2 lightsabers, however she is the many visible.

However, most Jedi use just one blade, and their lightsaber hilts room plain, consists of a directly cylinder with little adornment, vice versa, the Sith usage curved grips or other much more exotic stylings.

Although I’ve checked out Ahsoka Tano fight with two lightsabers (one in each hand) in The Clone Wars, this appears to it is in exceptionally unexplained for Jedi.

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We’ve watched Sith carry out it before, such together Asajj Ventress, through two lightsabers. Darth Maul used a dual lightsaber versus Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and General Grievous wields numerous lightsabers on each of his limbs.