If you’re new to rebab.net, castling can look prefer an illegal move at very first because two pieces relocate at the very same time. Yet this is a legit and an extremely important move in rebab.net! clock this complimentary lesson ~ above castling, or read on below:

Castling is the just time in rebab.net that two pieces can move in ~ once, and also the only time a piece other than the knight can move over an additional piece. The king moves two spaces to the left or come the right, and also the rook moves over and also in prior of the king, every in one move!


To castle, simply move the king two spaces come the left or right, OR relocate the king on optimal of the rook you desire to castle with. The rook will certainly jump across and come the various other side the the king automatically!

You can’t castle any time you desire to, though. Here room the rules because that castling:

Your king have the right to not have moved- Once your king moves, you can no longer castle, also if you move the king ago to the starting square. Many strategies show off forcing the opponent’s king come move simply for this reason. Your rook can not have moved- If you relocate your rook, friend can’t lock on that side anymore. Both the king and the rook you are castling v can’t have moved. Your king have the right to NOT be in check- despite castling frequently looks like an appeal escape, girlfriend can’t lock while you room in check! as soon as you are out of check, then you deserve to castle. Uneven moving, being checked does not eliminate the capacity to castle later. Your king deserve to not pass v check- If any type of square the king moves end or moves onto would placed you in check, you can’t castle. You’ll have to get rid of that pesky attacking item first!


White is not enabled to castle with the bishop"s "check" on f1!

No pieces deserve to be in between the king and also rook- every the spaces in between the king and rook should be empty. This is part of why that so essential to gain your piece out into the video game as shortly as possible!

view this post for a video and an ext info!

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last updated on February 25, 2021
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