What Year does Incredibles 2 actually Take Place? Pixar"s Incredibles 2 choose up only moments after ~ the original movie ended, yet when specifically is that? The answer has actually been there all along.

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although 14 years have elapsed due to the fact that the relax of the Academy Award-winning Pixar original, for the Parr family mere moments have actually passed due to the fact that the come of the Underminer at the end of the 2004 film and also the opened of Incredibles 2. That method Jack-Jack is tho a baby, Violet and Dash are temperamental children, and also very small has adjusted in the animated world. Therefore, we can deduce the the long-awaited sequel takes location in the very same year as the very first film, however what year is that?

“I think world take the moment that passes in the genuine world really literally and also they think that, linearly, the personalities should have aged," writer/director Brad Bird claimed at a recent press occasion for Incredibles 2. "But if castle aged, their superpowers wouldn’t reflect the part of life that they’re in and the function they beat in the family.”

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It stand to factor that The Incredibles is collection in, or at the very least near, 2004, the year it to be released. However, it"s definitely not, and also there are hints to that scattered throughout the film. The Incredibles, and, therefore, Incredibles 2, in reality takes ar in 1962.

The design aesthetic is retro meets retro-future, from the cars and the style to the fashions and the technology. Oh, sure, few of the computers are advanced, even by at an early stage 21st-century standards, yet get a pack of Helen Parr"s phone call cord and also avocado kitchen.

Incredibles 2
“Brad’s watchword for the entirety movie was the it should seem favor the early-sixties vision the the future —TV’s Jonny Quest and also Walt Disney’s initial Tomorrowland," producer john Walker claimed in comments flagged in 2016 by oh My Disney. "So we have actually things prefer the monorail ~ above the island, i m sorry feels favor it was designed in the beforehand 1960s …”

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But that goes past the film"s look and also feel. The Incredibles it s okay very specific, giving up a day, month and also year, courtesy the the Metroville Tribune read by Bob Parr: may 16, 1962.

equipped with that knowledge, we can figure out as soon as the heyday to be for supers choose Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone. The Incredibles opens with a younger Mr. Incredible and also Elastigirl fighting crime before the story skips front 15 years, come a middle-aged Bob working in his dead-end office job. That, the course, way those early on scenes are collection in 1947, which just makes sense, as it corresponds to the golden age of comic book superheroes.

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It additionally sheds a little an ext light on Bob"s wall of nostalgia, whose keepsakes, newspaper clippings and propaganda-style posters that resemble civilization War II collectibles.

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Written and also directed as soon as again by Brad Bird, Incredibles 2 stars Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Sophia Bush, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, Isabella Rossellini and also Brad Bird. The film opens Friday nationwide.