Lutèce, Paname, City of Light… Paris by any other surname is simply as sweet! You’ll watch Paris’s former names and also nicknames used anywhere the city and in books, movies and also songs. Here are the noms de plume the Paris to know.

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Before contemporary Paris existed, it was a roman city dubbed Lutetia. The French variation of words is Lutèce (pronounced: loo-tess). Julius Caesar name-checked Lutecia in his memoir, and also you have the right to still find ruins of the old Roman city in Paris — consisting of the Arènes de Lutèce amphitheater in the 5th arrondissement. Nowadays you’ll check out Lutèce used in the name of cafes, shops as well as the very first language school I attend after moving to Paris, Lutèce Langue.


The beginning of Lutetia is uncertain, however the many common belief is that the word derives indigenous Celtic roots meaning “place close to a swamp.” currently you may not think the a swamp when you imagine Paris, but the name of the ar “Le Marais” also translates come “marsh” or “swamp” in French. This is due to the fact that it is close to the Seine and also used to flood whenever the river got too high.


This is words the surname Paris is obtained from. The Parisii were a Celtic (Gaulish) tribe who stayed in the area. Roughly the year 400 the city was named “Parisios,” which became “Paris” in 887.



A slang word for Paris that has recently re-emerged together popular. Paname (pronounced: puh-nam) is a beat on the nation of Panama and also its famous hats, i m sorry were famous with Parisians in the early 1900s. Over there is a 1975 song dubbed “Amoureux de Paname” by the singer Renaud i m sorry is a little of a love tune to Paris, regardless of calling it full of garbage and also smelly. This day you can sip a beer in ~ Paname Brewing company or to buy a sweatshirt with the word emblazoned on it.


The City of irradiate — La Ville Lumière

Originally this moniker came no from the illumination that the city, but from Paris gift the birthplace of the period of Enlightenment. Paris play a leading role in Europe’s sharing of education and also ideas, being the home of numerous writers, inventors and philosophers.

however the nickname has actually now handled a an ext literal interpretation. Paris was one of the an initial cities in Europe to install gas street lighting, and today 20,000 irradiate bulbs illuminate the Eiffel Tower every night.


The City the Love

Ooh la la! Paris’s reputation for romance birthed this nickname. The beauty of the city and its indigenous language has made it a optimal spot in the human being for engagements and also honeymoons. Every year round you can spot brides and also grooms taking photos in former of Paris’s many beautiful landmarks.

Une capitale de la setting

Paris is recognized as a “Fashion Capital” the the world, sharing the title with new York, London and Milan. The house of iconic design houses including Dior, Chanel and also Yves Saint Laurent, French fashion has a huge impact on exactly how the remainder of the world dresses.



A slang term for a Parisian person, the word Parigot (pronunciation: pear-ee-go) is particularly used by French world who don’t live in Paris come insinuate someone is a little of a snob. Choose in numerous countries, civilization who live in the biggest city that France are taken into consideration a little pretentious. The opposite would be to call someone provincial, which way someone is a nation bumpkin.

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la dame de fer

The Eiffel Tower shares she nickname, The iron Lady, with former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. But to the French, La Dame de Fer is a reference to the wrought stole lattice that renders up the Eiffel Tower.

Have you heard any type of other common nicknames because that Paris or its famous sights? leave a comment and also share!