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in the English Language . . .. . . Or possibly the First?

What is, or perhaps could be, the oldest word in the English language? could it be the an initial word too?

Well, follow to a 2009 study, the earliest words are, according to “Today I found The oldest Words In The English Language“:

According toa 2009 research by researchers at analysis University, the earliest words in the English language include “I“, “we“, “who“, “two” and also “three“, all of which date ago tens of countless years. The discovery was do by tracking the aberration of genealogical words into different languages (including English) with an IBM supercomputer.

And that makes SO lot sense! me awareness, consciousness, self-identity and the famous phrase native René Descartes, “Cogito, ergo sum” or together we know it better, “I think, thus I am“. And also how wonderfully ironic the an IBM supercomputer was used too!

And number too! I previously posted around “The Original and also Universal Language the Math” so that ties in quite well too!

And from another favourite website, – The oldest Words In The English Language, comes their roster of earliest words and also it appeals come the poet in every one of us!

In one unrelated study, the etymological boffins at revealed the earliest words in their virtual dictionary, although these only go back to 900AD or so. They include “love“, “black” (which predates “white” through a far-reaching margin), “mother“, “give“, “man/woman“, “fire“, “hand“, “hear“, “pull“, “spit” and “worm“. Interestingly, “old” itself is among the oldest words in the English language. As explains:


Other authorities post similar results and also go one step further, “Scientists discover oldest words in the English language and also predict which ones are most likely to disappear in the future” by predicting i m sorry words will come to be obsolete!

Babbel is another an excellent resource because that language and word information, and they perform their ‘Oldest indigenous in The English Language‘ as well. All very similar and every fascinating in their reasons.

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And what happens AFTER the very first word is used? LANGUAGES! A future article will comment on the ‘Oldest languages in the World‘!

So, just think about it … every time you say a sentence such as, “I am going ~ above a coffee break!”, “We should order pizza tonight!”, “Who desires to walk to Tofino for 2 or three nights?” . . . you space using the oldest words in the English language! even the pizza … inspect my list below for The an initial Ever Pizza Delivery!

Words come and also words go. Over there was also a 40 brand-new Words that Were added to the thesaurus in 2019. And that as well will it is in a future OAC Bog Blog object – exactly how do brand-new words come into existence?

And that course, a bit of frivolity here, through some other dubious and historical ‘Firsts’ or ‘Oldest’ utilizing words, that course!