Just over half of all turkeys produced in the United states last year come from just 4 states: Minnesota, north Carolina, Arkansas and also Missouri.

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Minnesota is responsible because that 18 percent of all turkey manufacturing last year. It’s also home come the country second-largest producer Jennie-O Turkey Store, according to the national Turkey Federation. North Carolina, house to number-one Butterball, developed 14 percent of every turkeys, according to data indigenous the U.S. Room of Agriculture. While Minnesota had actually the edge on variety of turkeys, the worth of turkeys produced in phibìc Carolina was greater. At $848.8 million, the worth of north Carolina’s turkeys was around $10 million much more than Minnesota’s. All told, the vast majority of the country turkeys come from simply 13 states.

The United says is the world’s biggest turkey producer, exporter and consumer, according to farming department data compiled by Iowa State University’s agricultural Marketing source Center. The growth in the amount of poultry consumed has actually outpaced the of red meat over the previous decade and also poultry intake has get an impressive twentyfold since 1910.

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 ValueNumber the turkeysPounds of turkey
Minnesota$839,100,000 46,000,000 1,163,800,000
North Carolina$848,761,000 36,000,000 1,177,200,000
Arkansas$416,089,000 29,000,000 577,100,000
Missouri$415,116,000 17,500,000 575,750,000
Virginia$323,585,000 17,000,000 448,800,000
Indiana$436,602,000 16,500,000 605,550,000
California$310,679,000 15,500,000 430,900,000
South Carolina$359,058,000 12,000,000 498,000,000
Pennsylvania$120,119,000 7,000,000 166,600,000
Ohio$158,223,000 5,500,000 219,450,000
South Dakota$139,961,000 4,600,000 194,120,000
Utah$73,903,000 4,100,000 102,500,000
West Virginia$69,000,000 3,300,000 95,700,000
Other States$930,975,000 39,500,000 1,291,225,000