1) DNA and RNA room polymers composed of ______ monomers.A) nucleotideB) carbohydrateC) fatty acidD) amino acid

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2) The backbone that DNA is composed of ______.A) nitrogenous basesB) a repeating sugar-nucleotide-sugar-nucleotide patternC) a repeating sugar-phosphate-sugar-phosphate patternD) combine nucleotides
3) Thymine and cytosine different from adenine and also guanine in that ________.A) thymine and also cytosine room single-ring structures, conversely, adenine and also guanine room double-ringstructuresB) thymine and cytosine are only found in DNA, vice versa, adenine and guanine are found in bothDNA and also RNAC) thymine and cytosine are only found in DNA, vice versa, adenine and guanine space only discovered inRNA
A) thymine and cytosine are single-ring structures, whereas adenine and guanine room double-ringstructures
4) DNA consists of the nitrogenous basic ________ instead of ________, which is uncovered only inRNA.A) a deoxyribose sugar; a ribose sugarB) uracil; thymineC) uracil; guanineD) thymine; uracil
5) If guanine renders up 60% the the bases in a DNA twin helix, what percent the the bases isadenine?A) 60%B) 40%C) 20%D) 50%
6) In a DNA twin helix, adenin pairs with ________ and also guanine pairs v ________.A) cytosine; thymineB) guanine; adenineC) thymine; cytosineD) uracil; cytosine
7) If one strand of a DNA dual helix has the sequence ATCCGA, what is the sequence of theother strand?A) ATCCGAB) TAGGCTC) AGCCTAD) UAGGCU
8) proof for the spiral nature of DNA come from ________.A) X-ray crystallography studiesB) studies of disease-causing bacteriaC) bacter studies
9) What form of chemistry bond joins the bases of security DNA strands?A) ionicB) covalentC) hydrogen
10) after replication, ________.A) each new DNA dual helix consists of two old strandsB) each new DNA dual helix is composed of one old strand and one brand-new strandC) each brand-new DNA double helix consists of two new strands
11) DNA replication ________.A) is a slow procedure that results in virtually no errorsB) needs DNA polymerase and RNA polymeraseC) is a fast process that outcomes in plenty of errorsD) calls for the participation of over a dozen enzymes and other proteins
12) What surname is provided to the arsenal of traits exhibited by one organism?A) genomeB) genotypeC) phenotype
15) The shared hereditary code of all life on earth is evidence that ________.A) the genetic code arose fairly late in the background of life top top EarthB) DNA replication is error-freeC) all life share a usual ancestryD) bacterial cells emerged earlier 보다 eukaryotic cells
16) transcription is the ________.A) to produce of a strand that RNA complementary to a strand of DNAB) manufacture of two new DNA double helices the are the same to an old DNA dual helixC) modification of a strand that RNA prior to the manufacture of a proteinD) to produce of a protein based on information brought by RNA
17) If a strand that DNA has the sequence GACTTA, warrior will result in a(n) ________.A) single RNA strand through the succession CUGAAUB) DNA dual helix with the succession CTGAAT for one strand and TAAGTC for thecomplementary strandC) single RNA strand v the sequence CTGAATD) DNA twin helix v the sequence CUGAAU because that one strand and also UAAGUC because that the
18) which of the following enzymes is responsible because that RNA synthesis?A) DNA polymeraseB) reverse transcriptaseC) RNA polymerase
19) The region of DNA whereby RNA synthesis starts is the ________.A) begin codonB) promoterC) prevent codonD) terminator
20) The exactly sequence of events that occurs during transcription is ________.A) splicing, including a cap, adding a tailB) initiation, elongation, terminationC) adding a tail, including a cap, splicingD) elongation, initiation, termination




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