One that the highest-rated anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist, gave us the heartfelt adventures of brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric. Although FMA finished its long run in 2010 with Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, a new live-action film based ~ above the manga is about to fight cinemas in Japan.

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 As the influential series inspired numerous anime shows, we’re looking in ~ 5 anime the every Fullmetal Alchemist fan needs to watch.

Last Exile

Last Exile‘s story takes place in the human being of Prester – similar to our 19th century yet with anti-gravity devices – where flight is the leading mode of transportation. We view this beautiful world through the eyes of Claus Valca and Lavie Head who dream of surpassing their parents’ heritage as the pilot and also co-pilot the a Vanship. During one of your courier trips, the ideal friends rescue a young girl from a strange death machine, and that act of heroism transforms their destinies forever.


Much choose FMA, Last Exile is set in an industrial age where the main characters go ~ above a journey trying to surpass their parents’ legacy. However, throughout their adventure, the main personalities get entangled with the army and comparable dangerous folks. Together a result, the main characters need to discover a valuable lesson, like just how Edward and also Alphonse did. Despite you’ll have to stick with Last Exile all the means through to see if the ending is simply as poignant.

Chrono Crusade

After the horrors of world War I, the human being had come prepare chin for another kind of fear – demonic sinners. Chrono Crusade takes ar in 1928 brand-new York where a divine organization known as the Order of Magdalene is in fee of combatting a demonic existence invading reality.

One of the members that this spiritual organization is sisters Rosette Christopher and also her demon hunting assistant Chrono. Lock aren’t your common exorcists as they reason massive property damage when the end on assignment. Rosette’s newest mission has become personal as she and Chrono collection out to discover Rosette’s absent brother, Joshua.


Both Fullmetal Alchemist and also Chrono Crusade are collection in the very same period, although in an alternating version the reality. The main personalities of both reflects are also consumed v the desire to help their sibling and are ready to carry out anything for the person. This heartwrenching journey renders their stories all that much more worthwhile to watch. Chrono Crusade also offers a many mystical activity in a comparable style come FMA.

Buso Renkin

Buso Renkin starts when high institution student Kazuki gets impaled v the heart while make the efforts to save Tokiko indigenous a monster. But, in reality, Tokiko didn’t need saving as she is an Alchemist Warrior whose mission is to damage the evil race of man-made creatures known as Homunculi v her Valkyrie Skirt.

To conserve Kazuki’s life, Tokiko replace instead instead his impaled heart with an additional successful job-related of alchemy, the Kakugane, i m sorry awakens in him. So, Tokiko and also Kazuki join forces to loss the Homunculi.


As with Fullmetal Alchemist, Buso Renkin faces alchemy and the fabricated creatures that creates. Both anime series’ emphasis on just how the main characters fight those that misuse your alchemy power. Although Buso Renkin has an ext romance walking on 보다 FMA, it doesn’t take far from the action.

Pumpkin Scissors

After a long war in between the royal Empire and also the Republic of Frost, the two an effective nations agree come a ceasefire. It’s a costly ending as starvation, plagues, and soldiers transforming into bandits beleaguers the Empire. To aid the battle relief effort, the realm creates the Intelligence army State ar III aka Pumpkin Scissors.

While numerous in the Empire consider this organization a garbage of resources, the Pumpkin Scissors take it their role in the country’s restoration seriously. But that mission transforms when lock run right into the mysterious Randel Oland.


As through the anime series mentioned above, Pumpkin Scissors takes location in a somewhat recognizable, post-war world. However, unequal FMA, which just touches the subject of corruption, Pumpkin Scissors digs depth into the theme, observing the suffering that a military’s actions cause.

While Fullmetal Alchemist encounters social worries like racism, Pumpkin Scissors faces another kind of societal ill – social class discrimination. Numerous characters additionally share comparable personalities and also physiques come FMA, v Corporal Oland being quite comparable to Alphonse, and also Edward and Lt. Malvin who are likewise alike.

D. Gray-man

D. Gray-man follows Allen Walker, that joins an organization called Black Order whose mission is to destroy Akuma – mechanical tools made through the dastardly Millennium Earl. Come fight this creatures, Allen uses his cursed eye and also an anti-Akuma weapon, Innocence, and, in addition to the black color Order’s exorcist, they must stop the Millennium Earl’s ultimate plan. However, questions connected to Allen’s previous start popping up as they reach their goal.

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Like countless other collection on this list, D. Gray-man is set toward the finish of the 19th century, just a bit more goth than the others. Much like FMA, Allen has a an effective arm the he provides to take down enemies. Both Edward and also Allen have a tortured previous that drives them come embark on a quest with no way of transforming back. And both leads room backed increase by one eclectic cast who add part comic relief and silliness come the major tones of both anime.