Baby deer are such beautiful and also gentle pets that have actually won end the hearts of many. If you room intending to take on an orphaned fawn, an initial & foremost you have to know around their diet.

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So, what does baby deer eat? A fawn’s food different according to its certain age. A fawn under 3 month old just consumes its mother milk. After ~ that, it can digest solid food consisting of leaves, grass, corn, alfalfa, lichens, and also others of herbivorous animals’ diet. 

Below, I will explain much more details around how often, exactly how much, just how to feed, and what to feeding wild infant deer. Ns will likewise let you know what come do as soon as seeing one abandoned-like fawn prior to adopting it.

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What does infant deer eat in the wild?

Wide infant deer under 12 mainly of age can just consume their mother’s milk. If the fawn has actually lost its mom or friend are raising it on your farm, you deserve to feed it v goat milk or a milk substitute. These room safe alternatives.


5. Carry out baby deer eat corn?

Pure corn, barley, or wheat could contain too lot starch. If eating the food only, the infant deer can quickly suffer a digestive problem.

If you desire to add corn into the fawn’s diet, it’s better to mix with cereal grains such together oats. For a balanced serving, a proportion of 1:1 or even 1:4 corn:oats is worth trying.

6. Perform baby deer eat fish?

Deer space herbivores, so consuming fish is practically impossible.

In the past, some reports break up deer were omnivores since people had captured deer eating birds, fish, or dead rabbits.

However, biologist have described this weird action only occurs as soon as the deer lacks minerals (phosphorus, calcium, salt, etc), mainly due to the fact that of food shortage.

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Final words 

As you check out this line, i guess you no longer wonder “what carry out baby deer eat?”. Under-3-month-old fawns consume milk when the older eat plants and also fruits.

My final words because that you are: please don’t touch any type of deer if you room not sure it is an orphaned fawn. V a wild fawn, love is just watching!