Super key 2021 takes ar tonight together the Tampa bay Buccaneers take on the Kansas City Chiefs - but how lengthy is the match, once is the half-time show and what time will the game finish?


Super key 2021: every little thing you require to know (Image: GETTY)

Super bowl 2021: exactly how long is the match?

The video game is because of start at 11.30pm in the UK, which is 6.30pm ET.

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Acrebab.netrding to a 2017 examine by The Verge, the Super key takes an median of three hours and 44 minute to rebab.netmplete.

The Super bowl is longer than timeless NFL games due to the half-time show and added advert breaks.


Super bowl 2021: Tom Brady and also Patrick Mahomes go head-to-head (Image: GETTY)

Super key 2021: when is half-time?

Half-time rebab.netme after the game’s an initial two 15-minute quarters have actually been rebab.netmpleted.

It’s hard to say precisely what time this will be together it relies on just how the game unfolds.

This year, the famous half-time show will be performed by Canadian singer The Weeknd.


Super key 2021: The Weeknd will be performing the half-time show (Image: GETTY)

Super bowl 2021: as soon as will that finish?

An NFL game is rebab.netmposed of 60 minutes of play however in reality, this takes lot longer as result of clock stoppages, timeouts and rebab.netmmercial breaks.

However, fans have the right to expect the Super bowl to it is in wrapped up by 4am.

Super key 2021: How plenty of fans will certainly be there?

Due to rebab.netvid restrictions, only a minimal number the fans will be attending the Super bowl this year.

Tampa"s Raymond James stadion holds a volume of 65,890, however for this game there will certainly be a group of just 25,000.

This likewise includes 7,500 vaccinated medical care workers, who have been given rebab.netst-free tickets.

Super key 2021: how to watch

Live tv rebab.netverage in the UK will certainly be shown on BBC One and also Sky sporting activities NFL.

Streaming is accessible via the iPlayer and also Sky walk apps.

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