Notes• every questions around borders/neighbors/adjacent states take into consideration land boundaries only.

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• any type of consideration the size provides total area (as protest to strictly floor area – though i don’t believe any kind of size questions must be ambiguous one of two people way).• Inset claims are not to scale.• Landlocked states carry out not border any ocean, gulf, or great Lake.• The claims at the 4 corners (UT, CO, AZ, NM) all border each other.Walkthrough

1. Click largest US StateAlaska is the biggest state (even if the map inset isn’t to scale), much more than twice as big as Texas, the second largest state.

2. Choose the state that straight precedes Alaska in alphabetical order.Alabama is the an initial state alphabetically (preceding Alaska, i m sorry is second).

3. Click the state that boundaries the most good Lakes.Michigan has actually the most an excellent Lake borders with 4 (all other than Ontario). No other state borders an ext than two good Lakes.

4. That the states continuing to be with global land borders, click the one that boundaries the fewest other states.Maine is the just U.S. State the has precisely 1 border with one more state, and also it also borders Canada. (Alaska boundaries 0 various other states and also Canada, however was already chosen in action 1).

5. Now pick the state that is the biggest distance away from Maine.Hawaii, at end 5,000 miles from Maine, is quickly the biggest distance from Maine.

6. Click the state through the longest coast in the contiguous U.S.Florida has the longest shore in the contiguous united state at 1,350 miles. California is second at 840 miles. (Alaska has actually over 6,000 miles of coastline yet is already chosen and also not in the contiguous 48).

7. Select the largest remaining state that has precisely 2 state borders.Washington, Florida, southern Carolina, and Rhode Island have exactly 2 borders with various other states. Washington is the largest of these (and Florida, which is fairly close come Washington in size, was already chosen).

8. Choose the biggest state that borders a state beginning with the letter ‘T’.Tennessee and also Texas space the just two ‘T’ states. Tennessee’s biggest neighbor is Missouri (21st in size). Texas borders brand-new Mexico, the 5th largest state (and nobody of the peak 4 border a ‘T’ state).

9. Of the says with 4-letter names, choose the one that’s first alphabetically.Iowa, Ohio, and also Utah room the just 3 options here, v Iowa coming an initial alphabetically.

10. Pick the many populous remaining state the doesn’t border Mexico.The three many populous US says are California, Texas, and new York. California and Texas both border Mexico, so new York is the correct answer.

11. The the landlocked says that don’t border one more country, uncover the one through the fewest state borders.This step entails a most counting, since there room 12 landlocked says without worldwide borders. Below is the list (numbers in parentheses room bordering state counts): Tennessee (8), Kentucky (7), Colorado (7), Wyoming (6), Utah (6), south Dakota (6), Iowa (6), Arkansas (6), Oklahoma (6), Nevada (5), West Virginia (5), Kansas (4).

12. Click the very first state alphabetically the doesn’t begin with a vowel.No state begins with ‘B’, so California is ours answer.

13. Next, find the state through the shortest name in the east Time Zone.No state has actually a name shorter than 4-letters, and as we saw in step 9, there space two 4-letter states remaining (Ohio and also Utah). The east Time Zone expand as far West as Michigan and parts that Indiana, therefore Ohio is entirely within the (Utah is in the hill Time Zone).

14. Click the just remaining state through a ‘B’ in the name.Alabama & Nebraska space the only two says containing a ‘B’. Alabama’s to be chosen, therefore it’s Nebraska.

15. Uncover the second smallest state that borders a at this time clicked state.The the smallest US claims in order are Rhode Island (borders no clicked states), Delaware (borders no clicked states), Connecticut (borders brand-new York, i beg your pardon is clicked), and new Jersey (also borders brand-new York). Since Connecticut is the the smallest one bordering a clicked state, that makes new Jersey the 2nd smallest installation the criteria.

16. Click the state with the lowest portion of vowels in that name the end of the claims that border Iowa.Some much more counting come do here – Iowa borders 5 says that haven’t been clicked yet.Illinois (4/8 vowels) Missouri (4/8 vowels) Minnesota (4/9 vowels)South Dakota (5/11 vowels) Wisconsin (3/9 vowels)

17. Find the state through the most unclicked border states.The claims with the most neighbors space Missouri and also Tennessee, which each have 8. Missouri has actually 3 clicked neighbors and also Tennessee has actually only 1 (leaving it through 7 unclicked). Colorado and Kentucky both have actually 7 neighbors but each have at the very least 1 clicked, so they’re excluded. Tennessee should be the answer.

18. Uncover the state continuing to be that ends through ‘N’.Oregon offers your brain a bit of a rest from counting things on this step.

19. Next, click the biggest remaining state located totally west that Arkansas.Texas is the biggest remaining state, but its easternmost reaches prolong past the west border that Arkansas. The next largest unclicked state is Montana, i beg your pardon is totally west that Arkansas.

20. Find the state that shares the longest land border with any state that has actually been clicked.The longest border between two US states is Oklahoma-Texas, yet neither that these has actually been clicked. Second is California-Nevada, and also California is clicked therefore that makes Nevada the choice.

21. Of states left through no clicked neighbors, find the one through the shortest funding city name.Only 4 states have actually no clicked neighbors: Louisiana (Baton Rouge), Rhode Island (Providence), Maryland (Annapolis), south Carolina (Columbia). Southern Carolina has the shortest funding (8 letters).

22. Discover the state bordering the Gulf of Mexico the extends the the furthest North.The Gulf of Mexico borders Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Of these, Texas has actually the many northerly point.

23. Click the just remaining state that was admitted right into the union after ~ 1910. (It’s also the biggest state the isn’t presently clicked.)Arizona was the 48th state (with just Alaska & Hawaii comes after it), and also it’s also sixth largest (with the top 5 currently being chosen in the quiz).

24. Now click the state through the longest one-word surname of the states that are left.Massachusetts, at 13 letters, is the longest one-word state, clicked or otherwise!

25. Determine the just state left without any type of clicked neighbors, & click the just state bordering it with a pro sports team.A few steps ago, we identified that Louisiana, Rhode Island, Maryland, and also South Carolina had actually no clicked neighbors. Because then, the choice of southern Carolina, Texas, and also Massachusetts have left us v Maryland as the final state without a clicked neighbor. Pennsylvania its only bordering state v a sports team, as Delaware, West Virginia, and also Virginia have none.

26. Click the southernmost of the 13 initial colonies.Georgia to be the southernmost original colony and also has no yet been clicked, therefore click it now!

27. Now choose the only remaining state that borders Saskatchewan.That would be north Dakota. Idaho boundaries Alberta, Minnesota borders Ontario and Manitoba.

28. Choose the state that ends in a consonant and also has a 2-word resources city.Five the the continuing to be states have actually 2-word capitals:Jefferson City, Missouri Oklahoma City, Oklahoma tiny Rock, ArkansasBaton Rouge, Louisiana Saint Paul, MinnesotaArkansas is the just of these ending in a consonant. (Iowa, new Mexico, and Nevada likewise have 2-word capitals, yet are clicked and additionally end in vowels).

29. Which state, if clicked, will reason 3 that its bordering states to boost from 4 come 5 clicked neighbors?Let’s look for states that right now have 4 clicked neighbors, as our answer need to border among these.

There are five states through 4 neighbors currently clicked: southern Dakota (ND, MT, NE, IA), Colorado (NE, KS, NM, AZ), Idaho (WA, OR, NV, MT), Georgia (TN, AL, FL, SC), and Oklahoma (KS, NM, TX, AR). Therefore our price is the just state that borders three the these: Wyoming (which boundaries SD, CO, and ID).

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30. 2 states stay that border Lake Michigan. Finish with the one whose capital is likewise its largest city.Indiana is the one you want, due to the fact that Springfield is no the biggest city in Illinois. Currently you’re done!