Wire Size choice for long Runs

Voltage autumn becomes crucial when the length of a run of cable or cable becomes an extremely long. Commonly this is not a problem in circuits in ~ a house, however may come to be an concern when running wire come an outbuilding, well pump, etc.Excessive voltage autumn can cause loss of effectiveness in procedure of light, motors and also appliances. This could result in lights that space dim and also motors or appliances with a to reduce life.To avoid extreme voltage drop, choose a size wire that will minimize voltage drop. You require to understand the length of the cable run and the load (current) that will certainly be top top the circuit. To recognize the load, include up the wattage of every electrical gadgets that will be ~ above the circuit and also divide this full by the voltage of the circuit, normally 120 volts or 240 volts.

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120 Volt, Conductor dimension (AWG or kcmil)Single Phase, Max 3% Voltage Drop*
Length the Run
Copper1412108615 AMP**
Copper121286420 AMP**
Copper101064430 AMP**
Copper1112/04/0100 AMP**
Aluminum1/01/02/04/0300 MCM100 AMP**
Copper3/03/03/0300 MCM500 MCM200 AMP***
Aluminum250 MCM250 MCM300 MCM600 MCM900 MCM200 AMP***

240 Volt, Conductor dimension (AWG or kcmil) single Phase, Max 3% Voltage Drop*
Length the Run
Copper141412101015 AMP**
Copper12121210820 AMP**
Copper1010108630 AMP**
Aluminum8886430 AMP**
Copper8886440 AMP**
Aluminum6664340 AMP**
Copper6666450 AMP**
Aluminum4444250 AMP**

*The tables assume steel conduit, a power factor of 0.9, an approximately temperature that 86°F, and also no an ext than 3 current-carrying conductors. We have taken reasonable treatment to create the accuracy of these values; however, this tool is intended only as a guide, above a expert engineer to identify suitability for your application.**Based top top 60°C per NEC 110.14(c)(1)(a).***Based top top 75°C per NEC 110.14(c)(1)(b).


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