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What size wire perform you need to use for a 200-amp house service?

The dimension is Number 2-O copper or Number 4-O aluminum.

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1.Where space smoke detectors required?

Smoke detectors are required in every bedrooms, hallway outside of bedroom, one on each floor.

2.Where room carbon monoxide detectors required?

Carbon Monoxide Detectors are required in bedroom hallways.

3.What dimension does a ground stick wire have to be?

A ground rod wire never has to be larger than a Number 4 copper. It can not be smaller than Number 4 if the is topic to physics damage.

4.What size wire carry out you need to use because that a 100-amp residence service?

The size is Number 4 copper or Number 2 aluminum.

5.What size wire carry out you need to use because that a 200-amp residence service?

The size is Number 2-O copper or Number 4-O aluminum.

6.How close deserve to the GFCI outlet be to a pool?

The GFCI outlet have to be at the very least 5 feet indigenous the inside wall.

7.What execute we execute if there is a street irradiate out?

Street lights space not ours jurisdiction, speak to Ohio Edison at 800-633-4766. Us only keep Traffic signals.

8.How deep underground have to PVC conduit be for services and pools?

PVC conduit must be 18 inches deep.

9.Are fuses still agree for use in services?

Yes, yet they have to be type S therefore a larger fuse can not be installed.

10.Where room GFCI receptacles required?

They are required in all:

BathsGaragesKitchen CountersOutbuildingsOutsidePoolsUnfinished basements11.What does AFCI mean?

It means arc fault circuit interrupter.

12.What go AFCI do?

It trips on inline arcs together as broken ripcords, loose connections, etc.

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13.Where walk the water ground link have come be?

The water ground link has to be within 5 feet the the water company entering the house.