Moss is probably the ideal known natural navigation indicator in the world. It is additionally excellent at demonstrating how easy that is to walk wrong if you take unnecessary shortcuts.

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For many decades herbal navigation has been treated as a skill that is only most likely to be supplied in one emergency. Subsequently it has too often been written about and taught together a collection of ‘quick tricks’. There space two troubles with this approach:

Tricks are never completely accurate.Tricks are never as interesting as expertise why a method actually works.

If you discover the trick that moss grows on the north next of trees, rocks and also buildings then it may aid you sometimes, yet it will certainly fool you on an equal variety of occasions.

If, however, you learn that moss does not care around north or south, but thrives ~ above moist surfaces, climate your chances of recognize direction accurately shoot up. Moss demands moisture to reproduce.

The best technique is a two-step process. First you need to find some moss, next it is essential to ask why that surface is moist. Over there are many reasons for a surface retaining moisture and only one of them will give an exact clue come direction. What follows is an essential process that elimination.

If a surface gradient is shallow climate rainwater will certainly run slowly off it and moss will thrive, regardless of aspect. If a surface is coarse, a rough bark for example, then water is slowed on its descent and moss revels in this moisture. The air within 60 centimetres that the ground is moist since water is continually evaporating indigenous the floor – it is finest to neglect mosses listed below knee height. If water is dripping from overhanging branches it will certainly likely produce a heavenly atmosphere for mosses to thrive, also on a south-facing wall.

However, if you regulate to uncover a close to vertical smooth surface ar that is not also close to the ground and also it has actually moss growing on it then there is likely to be only one factor for that surface remaining moist: the is in shade in the middle component of the day as soon as the sun is doing most of the drying. It is an extremely likely to be on the north side in north latitudes.

This process of elimination is quick and painless through practice and leads to much greater trust in your conclusion around direction. It is also a very an excellent discipline the helps in improving accuracy in most other organic navigation methods. In truth the most usual problem ns encounter once teaching the topic is when civilization jump from monitoring to conclusion about direction, without going with the necessary middle step of analysing what their monitoring is really telling them.

This self-control is essential when using various other surface-dwellers choose algae. And also it becomes even more an important when make the efforts to use more complicated organisms favor the lichens. Moss is most likely the best place to start though.


Broad level branch tops or hollows gather water and moss thrives

Moss constantly grows where water gathers, also in south-facing spots.

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Moss grows listed below forks in trees, also in south-facing sunny spots, because the forks channel rainwater. Image credit: Vaughan James.

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