Things come Be conscious Of when Considering R 22 instead of Refrigerants

The ideal replacement because that R-22 Freon is commonly R-407c. It has a very low ns in capacity (0 – 5%) loved one to R-22 and also is less expensive than numerous other R-22 instead of refrigerants.

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If a system has actually R22 in it currently you cannot usage a instead of refrigerant to simply include to the R22. For one, R 22 is its own refrigerant conversely, the replacement refrigerants are made up of several various kinds that refrigerants designed to mimic operating pressures/temperatures that R 22. Tools manufacturers will additionally tell girlfriend that unless the oil being offered in her HVAC system is POE oil friend cannot usage an R22 replacement refrigerant in the device in most cases (M099 is the exception). Many of the older equipment use mineral oil that is less viscous 보다 POE oil, and the mineral oil does not job-related well with the brand-new R22 instead of refrigerants. If the compressor has been replaced newly or the system is relatively brand-new it may have actually POE oil in the in i beg your pardon case including an R22 replacement refrigerant to a system that has tiny to no refrigerant in it is a viable equipment that need to be discussed with the homeowner.

If the mechanism is quiet under warranty no manufacturer’s will warranty the device if you usage a replacement R22 refrigerant, as their solution have regularly not undergone trial and error with the assorted replacement refrigerantsYou have to never under any circumstances add replacement refrigerant come a device that has any type of R22 refrigerant left in it.

If the mechanism uses POE oil 보다 you have the right to talk v the customer about removing the present R22 and also using a cheaper R22 replacement refrigerant such as R407C.

Despite what you view on the post on YouTube/internet that is no advisable to try to add POE oil come a device without totally removing every mineral oil together the oil mixture will certainly gum up metering devices.

If her compressor fails and also you selected to adjust out the compressor as opposed to an altering out the whole system, it might be wiser to adjust out the kind of refrigerant to the replacement R22 refrigerants such together R407c. Act so could save you a substantial amount should your system develop a leak in the year ahead. All new compressors usage POE oil and also are compatible through R407c and also most various other R22 replacement refrigerants.

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Below you can find different R22 instead of refrigerants and also the+/- the each. Legacy Air currently only supplies R407c as our selection for an R 22 replacement refrigerant and also we do bring it on ours trucks. We carry out not normally lug M099 however will gain some and install because that the client upon your request in conjunction with a leak repair. Expense is $50 every lb + 1.5 hrs labor.


THE FACTS about ALTERNATIVE REFRIGERANTSThey void every manufacturer warrantiesThey are best suited because that condensers and also heat pumps out of warrantyThey room non-ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)When given an ASHRAE number (designated v an R-), they have actually been reviewed by the industry standards committees and also a safety category has been assignedThey must not be an unified with R-22 refrigerant or other gases; never ever mix refrigerants