10 horror Movies v The many Sequels, Ranked From numerous spaced out Scream follow-ups come the myriad Friday the 13th successors, these are the fear movies with the many sequels.

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Scream, Nightmare ~ above Elm Street, Saw
fear is a genre through a large potential because that sequels. Horror movies space typically very cheap come produce, however the genre is so renowned that they yield high rewards. A sequel come a renowned horror movie deserve to be made for as small as $5-10 million, however they might easily traction $200 million or more.

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The result is fear franchises v a long and sometimes weary perform of entries, every sequel make truck-loads of money while frequently yielding worse rewards for the viewer.

exit in December of 1996, Scream showed a winning comeback because that director Wes Craven and also was instantly pertained to as one of the greatest and smartest meta-horror films. It included some of the director"s creepiest killers, and also screenwriter Kevin Williamson earned enormous praise because that his self-aware script.

The franchise has due to the fact that spawned 4 sequels. Scream 2 followed automatically in 1997, and Scream 3 watch concluded the trilogy in 2000. However, Scream 4 to be released end a decade later in 2011, and the fifth entry (simply title Scream) is collection to release in January 2022.

The second highest-grossing fear franchise (only behind Godzilla), The Conjuring world technically contains 8 films, but only 4 are direct sequels to 2013 initial (The Nun, Annabelle, and also Annabelle: Creation space prequels).

The four sequels automatically following the occasions of The Conjuring are, in stimulate of story chronology, Annabelle come Home (1972), The Curse that La Llorona (1973), The Conjuring 2 (1977), and also The Conjuring: The devil Made Me perform It (1981). However, the original Conjuring stays the highest-grossing entry in the collection at the domestic box office, grossing $137 million.

Final possession step in Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity
The Paranormal Activity series contains 7 films (the 7th publication in 2022), yet only 4 are direct sequels come the 2007 original. Complying with the significant success of the an initial film, prequels Paranormal task 2 and also 3 to be respectively released in 2010 and 2011.

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The first direct sequel was Paranormal activity 4, which was released in October of 2012 and took location in November 2011 - five years after ~ the original. Both The marked Ones and The Ghost Dimension followed. Paranormal task 7 was reserved for release on in march 19, 2021, but it will now serve as a Paramount+ to exclude, in march 2022.

7 Night of The life Dead (1968): 5

Dawn of the Dead is regularly regarded together the best zombie movie ever made, exit in the feather of 1979. It to be a direct sequel to George A. Romero"s legendary Night the the life Dead, which was released end a te earlier. Night spawned five straight sequels, each depicting the zombie-ravaged landscape of phibìc America in increasingly dire straits.

There to be 1979"s Dawn and 1985"s Day of the Dead before the series returned nearly a quarter-century later on with 2005"s Land that the Dead. Two an ext sequels adhered to - Diary the the Dead in 2007 and Survival of the Dead in 2009.

if the principle of Child"s Play is clearly ridiculous, Chucky still managed to provide movie lovers the creeps, and the movie grossed a respectable $44 million in late 1988. Six prompt sequels followed and also spanned well right into the 2010s. Child"s play 2 and also 3 came quickly after the initial in 1990 and 1991, and also Bride the Chucky adhered to in 1998.

The series took an additional hiatus, emerging in 2004 through Seed of Chucky. An additional long hiatus followed, and two more sequels were released in 2013 and also 2017 - Curse of Chucky and also Cult the Chucky.

5 A Nightmare top top Elm Street (1984): 6

among the true standards of the slasher movie genre, A Nightmare top top Elm Street was released to an excellent acclaim in November the 1984, grossing $57 million. This franchise is rather unique, as several of the sequels grossed an ext than the original - Freddy"s Revenge, Dream Warriors, The Dream Master, and also Freddy"s Dead: The final Nightmare every grossed much more at the domestic box office.

The last was supposed to offer as the series" conclusion, yet Wes Craven"s brand-new Nightmare complied with in 1994. However, this movie takes place exterior of the series canon and also cannot be considered a true sequel. The last canon film is Freddy vs. Jason, the sixth official sequel of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

There"s no getting about it - the continuity of the Halloween franchise is a finish mess, and making sense of the may an outcome in a headache. That started simply with Halloween II, which took place automatically after the events of the an initial film. Halloween III then take it place exterior the established collection canon prior to Michael Myers returned for the so-called "Thorn Trilogy" consisted of of Halloweens 4, 5, and 6.

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The collection then retcons/reboots itself through Halloween H20 if also serving together a straight sequel come Halloween II, retaining the collection canon. This rebooted storyline climate concludes v Resurrection, the sixth/third official sequel to 1978"s Halloween.

3 witnessed (2004): 9

The chronological order of Saw is a finish disaster. Luckily, the relax order adheres to a clear course of successive sequels. Nine the them, to it is in exact. The first Saw proved a massive success, grossing $103 million top top a $1 million budget.

Unfortunately, the collection has never ever been able to replicate the very first movie"s quality, despite many attempts. Eight sequels have actually followed, covering 2005"s Saw II to 2021"s Spiral. The nine sequel, saw X, is supposedly in development.

perhaps Clive Barker"s greatest contribution to the fear genre, Hellraiser was released in the autumn of 1987, grossing virtually $15 million. Ripe sequels followed, with mostly diminishing returns (the latest movies have to be released directly to DVD and also through video on demand).

Hellbound: Hellraiser II complied with the initial in 1988 and also was the final entry written by Barker. Plenty of sequels have because followed, consisting of 2005"s right to DVD Hellraiser: Hellworld (the final entry starring Doug Bradley together Pinhead) and the recent film, 2018"s Hellraiser: Judgment.

1 Friday The 13th (1980): 10

Capitalizing on the success that the so late "70s slasher craze to be Friday the 13th, command by Sean S. Cunningham and also released in the spring of 1980 (just gradually for camping season). The movie proved one of the many successful that its kind, grossing almost $60 million top top a measly budget of $500,000.

Naturally, an tremendous ten sequels adhered to throughout the decades. The very first immediate sequel to be 1981"s Friday the 13th component 2, and also the collection spanned all the method to 2003 with Freddy vs. Jason - the series" tenth sequel and the last prior to its reboot in February 2009.

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