Are you wondering what makes a man leave his wife for another woman? Do you feel your man is drifting away from you because of unknown reasons? When you feel your man has eyes for another woman, he could be having an affair, and it is important to observe these signs early.

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This guide helps you understand the top reasons why men leave the5ir wives and how you can curtail it.

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How do you know if a man will leave you for another woman?

When a man wants to leave his wife for another woman, it is the beginning of the end of the This implies the man feels intimate with another woman, and he is currently establishing an emotional association with her. At this point, the journey to divorce is probably halfway.

Here are some alarming signs that your man is about to leave you for another woman

1. He keeps an emotional distance from you

It is easy to know when the emotional connection between you and your husband is low. Your husband will hide under the guise of being busy, and it will make you reflect- does he have feelings for another woman?

You will observe he won’t maintain eye contact with you, or he will refuse to discuss with you. In addition, the mutual interests he shares with you in some things will die down.

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2. He treats you like a roommate

Are you suspecting if your husband is seeing another woman? Do you have questions like, does he really love the other woman?

One way you can confirm this is how he treats you in the house. If he avoids you or barely has sex with you, he is getting it from another woman.

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3. He spends less time with you

When your husband is in love with another woman, he will spend less time with you. Women can easily notice when a man is drifting, especially if he doesn’t fancy spending time with them.

At this point, the man has a different priority from his matrimonial home as he is about to leave a long-term relationship for someone else.

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15 Reasons why men leave their wives

One reason why people ask questions like do men who leave their family regret it, is because they don’t know the exact reason why they left. Sometimes, the signs he won’t leave his wife would not be obvious, and the wife would not know why her husband left her.

If you ask questions like how to get my husband back from the other woman, you need to learn the top reasons why your man left you.

1. Cheating

One of the common reasons why a man will leave his wife for another woman is cheating.

When women ask questions like- ‘Why did my husband leave me for another woman?’ It is due to some reasons like lack of commitment, communication, outrageous expectations, etc.

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2. Not sexually compatible

Sex is an integral aspect of a relationship, and when a man leaves his family for another woman, it could be because he’s not enjoying the lovemaking act. When there is no good sex in the relationship, any of the partners drift apart.

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3. Absence of intimacy


If you are wondering why do men leave and come back and leave again, it might be because of a lack of intimacy. Physical intimacy keeps a in check, and when complemented with good sex, the would be easy to build.

When a man avoids physical proximity with his wife, there is a chance he is about to leave her.

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4. Reduced attraction to his wife

If a woman asks why my husband chose the other woman, it could be because he is no longer attracted to her.

When a man is not attracted to his wife anymore, she can notice it, and it is a strong signal that he is seeing another woman.

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5. He feels burdened by the

If your husband grows uninterested in the and you notice it, it might be that another woman is after your man or vice-versa. can be challenging, and it takes both parties to make it work.

Rather than tell their wives how they feel burdened, some men would prefer to leave their wives for another woman to seek emotional support.

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6. No long-term goals

It is important for a to have both short and long-term goals.

However, not all rebab.nets have long-term plans, and this is why you might see a married man in love with another woman. If a couple has incompatible long-term goals, any of the partners might cheat on each other.

7. Both partners stopped putting effort into the

If you find out your husband is attracted to another woman, it could be because both of you stopped being intentional about the

Hence, when your husband leaves you and you want him back, both of you need to return to the drawing board and start with being intentional about the

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8. Boredom

If you ask- why do married men look at other women, some people will tell you they were bored.

None of the couples should independently bear the blame because it is the responsibility of both parties to spice up the relationship to kill any boredom.

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9. Absence of emotional stability

Both parties seek emotional stability in a relationship, but there is no emotional bonding if the man leaves for another woman.

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10. If she tries to change him

Concerning leaving your wife for another woman, one of the common reasons is when the wife is too judgmental and demanding. Hence, the man receives the impression that she is trying to change him.

When it happens, you will see women asking questions as he left me for her; how can I get him back?

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11. Unable to handle the pressure of love


For questions like why do men leave their wives, it is because they could not handle the pressure that comes with love. Some people in love can be obsessive and possessive, and it becomes a pressure on the other partner.

If your wife has this behavior, you might think of leaving your spouse for someone else.

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12. Absence of respect

If you are wondering what makes a man leave his wife for another woman, one of the reasons is respect.

A without respect cannot survive in the long run. There could be disrespectful wives who start suspecting their husband of cheating; they ask- why did he leave me?

When he leaves you for someone else, it is obvious there was something wrong in the, and you have to come back to the beginning to set things right.

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13. She is too successful

One of the flimsy reasons for men leaving their women is when she is more successful than them. The man sees that he has more failures, and his wife keeps making exploits.

Some men lose their egos and start drawing away from their wives. They feel that the woman’s success would make her abandon the So, they make the wrong mistake of leaving first.

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14. She nags

Many men do not like nagging women. Rather than listen to her complaints, they prefer to distance themselves. In the process, some men seek solace from other women outside who don’t nag, and they neglect their wives.

Sadly, nagging women don’t realize their mistake until their husbands tell them. And some men do not have the patience to start pointing out faults.

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15. She compares her husband to other men

Another factor that deflates a man’s ego is comparison. Some women compare their husbands to their male friends, exes, etc. No man likes to be compared with another man, and if their wives make it a habit, some of them leave for another woman.

Women in this category need to realize that every individual is unique. And comparison means disrespecting their husbands and their

Brenda Shoshanna gives further points in her book on why men leave and how women can know the reason for their decisions.

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What prevents a man from leaving his wife for another woman?

When it comes to a man leaving for an affair partner, it does not happen to every Not all men cheat on their wives and even some who cheat still return to their wives. If both parties are intentional about the, there would be no reason to leave.

For instance, if the man is not getting enough emotional support and informs his wife, her response to his request determines if he will seek another woman or not.

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4 things to do if your husband leaves you for another woman


It is usually a devastating experience as regards why men leave good women. If they were not anticipating it, it could feel like a boulder was placed on them and at that point, caring for their emotional well-being is paramount.

In Vikki Stark’s book titled Runaway Husbands: The Abandoned wife’s guide to recovery and renewal, it gives women insights for coping when their husbands leave them for another woman.

If your husband leaves you for another woman, here are some things to do.

1. Don’t be unfair to yourself

When your husband leaves, do not beat yourself about it for too long. If you are still interested in the and you want him back, you first have to be kind to yourself.

Don’t forget you are a good person, and you were not the one who cheated. In addition, remember that keeping a is hard, and you tried your best.

2. Fight for your

If your husband leaves you, it doesn’t mean the is over. The becomes truly over if you don’t make moves to save your

Communicate with your husband and ask for his recommendations for you to work on if he reconsiders returning.

3. See a counselor

When your husband leaves, it might be difficult to process everything, and you would need emotional support.

One source to try is a counselor. A counselor provides every needed form of support for you to remain mentally and emotionally stable while you figure out a way to bring your husband home.

4. Hang out with family, friends, and acquaintances

To take your mind off your current predicament, spend more time with your loved ones.

If you feel comfortable sharing your issues with them, you can, and if not, try to be cheerful as you hang out with them.

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Do husbands regret leaving their women?

Not all men regret leaving their women, especially if the new woman has better qualities than the former one. A man will only regret leaving his wife when he discovers the new woman has little or nothing to offer apart from sex.

In a journal by LJ Waite titled Does Divorce make people happy, she reveals some findings which show how spouses react when they leave their These findings apply to both husbands and wives.

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Do husbands return after leaving for another woman?

Some husbands return when they leave for another woman, and others don’t. It depends on how the husband perceives his former relationship with the current one.

At a point in his life, he will weigh both options and settle for the profitable one.

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Check out this video to learn how you can win your husband back from another woman:



Having read this article, you will have been well-informed on what makes a man leave his wife for another woman. If you are currently fighting for your husband, it is important to seek help from the right sources.

Also, as you fight for your husband and your home, remember to be kind to yourself and keep your mental and emotional health intact