What’s for this reason funny around this? This pun renders a native play on the word “wreck,” which has actually a silent W, by the way. In looking in ~ the etymology, or origin of the word, ns couldn’t really find any type of clue come its spelling. Words itself goes earlier to the 13th century, making it center English. But it goes also further back to Old Norse. Originally “wreck” described the stuff that was cast ashore after ~ a ship went down. As soon as you think around it, till the 20th century ships were the main type of transportation for people and also goods for many of human being history. It should not it is in surprising the there space an estimated 3 million sunken ships on the s floor. There were many much more than that of course however they have actually long been dissolved back into the ocean. Anyway, it took 200 much more years for the entire sunken delivery to be termed a “shipwreck” or wreck for short; and 200 years after that for the word wreck to describe anything or everyone that has actually been ruined. This brings us to the riddle. We recognize that sunken ships are wrecks in ~ the bottom the oceans. But the expression nervous wreck is idiomatic. The person isn’t fully ruined, just nervous and also anxious. But the person FEELS together if they are around to be ruined by all their anxiety, therefore “nervous wreck.” therefore an old pirate ship the went down with a chest the gold and also grown attached come it could well it is in nervous if human beings just discovered the gold and also were walking to remove it from the ship. Wouldn’t you it is in nervous if someone was going to take it away all of your priceless gold? and also THAT’s what’s therefore funny!

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