Question 1/12Finish this statement: Each new day is...long and boring.a day to meet much more fish in the sea.a party.a surprise.something to be cherished.

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Question 2/12How do you feel around your ex?I'm not bitter...but I'm no happy around the break-up, either.It was just a fling.Ex? that was just a one-night stand!They helped damage my life!We work much better as friends.
Question 3/12You and also your new partner room going ~ above your an initial date. You totally expect this date to be...whatever it turns out come be.a way for me to get some"."a many fun.full of unforeseen things.a complete disaster.
Question 4/12When life it s okay hard, you gain through the by...isolating yourself.having a fling.drinking...and an ext drinking!going on one adventurous vacation.going top top an out trip.
Question 5/12You watch other human being as...your friends...they're all her friends.up-tight.happier 보다 you.boring contrasted to toys.
Question 6/12You"re walking through the halls when a school bully trips you, knocking your publications all over the floor. What carry out you do?stand as much as him.Loudly point out his STDs.get angry, sad, or depressed, however don't say anything.shrug the's bound to happen.make a note to not invite the over...ever.
Question 7/12What is your favorite food?why do you require to know this?bologna or hot dogs.appetizers!strawberries...dipped in chocolate.steak.
Question 8/12You space asked to speak to someone your friend met on the internet since they desire your opinion that the person...what execute you say?You get a feeling for the person...then invite them over.Don't to trust anyone ~ above the internet (then bring up plenty of horror stories).You tell your friend what your honest opinion is.The human is a creep....only because you want your friend.You volunteer to satisfy them first.
Question 9/12What"s your favorite color?Orange or GreenBlack or MaroonWhite or BlueRed or PinkYellow or Purple
Question 10/12You are offered $100,000 to rest a record...what record carry out you break?Longest Kiss.Most tattoos.Most beer drank in 1 minute.Turn far the offer.Whatever one is hardest!
Question 11/12How many kids would you choose to have?I'd like to have actually how ever many I have to say beforehand.I'm not sure yet...don't plan on settling under soon.0...they can ruin my/my partner's I have actually somebody to carry on mine legacy.0...I'd hate to check out them go through life.

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Question 12/12If you to be dying, what would your last words be?"Don't it is in sad...death is only part of life."Never remorse anything."""Don't cry...I'll be in a much much better place.""I'm sorry i was so crazy.""I'm sorry i never worked out down."

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Is "Knee Deep" her theme song of life? Or maybe it"s an ext like "Breakaway" wherein you have the right to spread her wings? Your design template song could be around relaxing and also having a an excellent time. Some can go an ext for a song choose "keep her head up" with its bluesy feel around just maintaining your head up and it will be alright.